All Puzzle Solutions in Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil assortment has always featured intricate puzzles for avid gamers to resolve. Most of the time, these puzzles reward avid gamers with the hidden keys they need to progress. On different events, these puzzles reward them with useful devices to advertise in-game. This info will give consideration to the puzzles of Resident Evil Village, significantly people who require some thought and riddle-solving. Be sure to try our safe code info and our treasure space info for further helpful information. Warning! Massive spoilers ahead!

The Maiden and Demon Crests

Resident Evil Village The Maiden and Demon Door

Ethan has it on good authority that youngster Rose is in Castle Dumitrescu. However, he’ll need to resolve the first puzzle thrown at him in Resident Evil Village to open the gateway. Ethan desires to go looking out the Maiden and Demon Crests hidden in the village. Thankfully, the Maiden Crest is in plain sight.

On his answer to Luiza’s house, Ethan will uncover a church with a typewriter inside. On the altar, surrounded by footage of Mother Miranda and the Four Lords, is the Maiden Crest. Pick it up in order so as to add it to your inventory.

Resident Evil Village The Maiden Crest

Once avid gamers make it to Luiza’s house, they’ll uncover the Demon Crest locked in a small subject and are prompted to find a screwdriver to open the sector. Progress by means of Luiza’s house until Ethan and Elena have escaped into the storage. From proper right here, Ethan may wish to uncover the Truck Key.

The Truck Key is in a drawer left of the sink in Luiza’s kitchen. Examine the Truck Key to go looking out the screwdriver. Once Ethan escapes Luiza’s house for good, he’ll have the flexibility to make use of the screwdriver to accumulate the Demon Crest.

Resident Evil Village The Demon Crest (1)

Take every crest once more to the door ensuing in Castle Dimitrescu and put together them in their right slots. The doorways will open, and Ethan can proceed with the hunt for Rose.

Hall of Ablution

After discovering the Courtyard Key, Ethan will adjust to Lady Dimitrescu as a lot as her chambers. However, the door is locked, and Ethan should uncover one different method spherical. He’ll stumble upon the Hall of Ablution and should uncover an answer to empty the blood from the center of the room. There are 4 statues in each nook and a riddle finding out, “Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their Lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

Unfortunately, this riddle isn’t very helpful, and many avid gamers ended up resorting to guessing the right affiliation of the statues. To treatment the Hall of Ablution Puzzle:

  • The two women ought to face each other.
  • The horseman ought to face the woman with the wine bottle.
  • The three poor males ought to face the horseman.

Once Ethan arranges these statues appropriately, the blood will drain, and a pathway will open. Proceed by means of to be one step close to buying Lady Dimitrescu’s Key.

The piano puzzle

Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key

In the Opera Hall, Ethan will uncover a piano in a position to be carried out. Those with a knack for music ideas can be taught the sheet music provided and play all the acceptable notes. Those and never utilizing a shroud of musical experience can hammer away at fully totally different keys until they inevitably play all the acceptable notes.

You’ll see a pink dot appear on the sheet music corresponding with the essential factor you merely carried out. Use that pink dot to go looking out appropriate notes. Once you play the acceptable observe, it locks in place, and you may switch onto the next one.

Once solved, a secret drawer will open, and Ethan will uncover the Iron Insignia Key. This secret is important to progressing the game and unlocking secret doorways.

The 5 bells

Resident Evil Village The Five Bells

The Bells Puzzle has purchased avid gamers scratching their heads, significantly when discovering the fifth bell. Ethan will uncover an enormous portrait of Lady Dumitrescu in a small room. At the doorway of the portrait is an easel, and on the easel is a observe finding out, “Let the five bells of this hall ring out.” Here’s the place to go looking out the 5 bells:

  • Bell 1: The first bell is to the left of the easel in plain sight. Melee this one to keep away from losing ammo. You’ll shoot the remaining.
  • Bell 2: The second bell is hidden atop the Wardrobe all through from the easel.
  • Bell 3: You’ll see some holes in the wall behind the easel. Swinging between them is one different bell. Place your crosshairs the place the bell passes the outlet. A well-timed shot will ring it. This one is greatest to hit from the very best of the steps in the room.
  • Bell 4: While on prime of those stairs, you’ll uncover the fourth bell on the chandelier hanging over the room. Shoot the chandelier to get a transparent shot on the bell.
  • Bell 5: The remaining bell is about off in the hole and could also be seen by means of a window over Lady Dimitrescue’s head. You’ll need to shoot as quickly as to interrupt the glass and as soon as extra to ring the bell.

You’ll know a bell has been rung as quickly as a tiny flame appears above it. Ringing all 5 will reveal a secret door hidden behind the Lady Dimitrescu portrait.

The Azure Eye puzzle

Resident Evil Village Azure eye

After discovering his method into the attic area of Castle Dumitrescu, Ethan will research a secret treasure locked in the dungeons beneath. Now, with the Iron Insignia key in hand, he can uncover this hidden treasure: The Azure Eye.

Head once more proper all the way down to the dungeon and unlock the Iron Insignia door. You’ll uncover adequate explosives to blow the fort sky-high. However, you solely need adequate to destroy the cracked wall on the left side of the room. Doing so will expose a tall publish with a lit flame on prime.

You’ll hold in thoughts a similar mechanic of lighting the swinging torches from early in Ethan’s fort journey. However, these torches don’t mild very willingly. Instead, shoot the torch on the left in direction of the flame. This will make it go elevated than Ethan can bodily push it. Then, shoot the other torch to make it swing, and when it comes once more, push the lit torch in route of it. This may take a few tries, nonetheless, it’s doable.

Before the Dimitrescu boss wrestle, Ethan will uncover a silver ring to combine with the Azure Eye. It’s in plain sight and could also be very exhausting to miss. You’ll uncover it in a drawer whereas exploring the Hall of Pleasure. Combine the two and promote the model new merchandise to the Duke for an enormous reward.

The 4 angel busts

Resident Evil Village The Four Angels

These busts are Ethan’s ticket out of Castle Dumitrescu. However, he’ll scour every inch of the fort to go looking out them. Players will come all through the masks naturally as this portion of the game performs out. The only one they may accidentally miss is the Mask of Rage.

Once on the roof, avid gamers may be prompted to take an elevator — don’t. Instead, uncover the roof until you uncover a zipline. Ride the zipline to go looking out the Mask of Rage. Then take the elevator.

With the entire masks in hand, head once more to the busts and put together them in the following order. This order goes clockwise from the left-front statue:

  • Mask of Sorrow
  • Mask of Pleasure
  • Mask of Joy
  • Mask of Rage

If executed appropriately, the door in the doorway of you will open, and in addition you’ll rapidly begin the Lady Dimitrescu boss wrestle.

House Benevento

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

Now that you simply simply have escaped the clutches of Lady Dumitrescu, it’s time to maneuver as a lot as House Benevento. If you’re not one for creepy dolls and hallucinations, flip once more. House Beneviento itself is one huge puzzle from starting to finish, and all of it revolves round an unsettling effigy of Ethan’s presumably lifeless partner, Mia.

The Mia doll

Resident Evil Village Mia Doll Left Eye

Interacting with fully totally different parts of the Mia Doll will reveal clues and keys needed to flee House Benevento. Approach each one of many subsequent parts and work along with it to go looking out the corresponding merchandise:

  • Right shoulder: Interacting with the doll’s correct shoulder will reveal the Silver Key. This key opens the locked door in the room.
  • Right arm: Ethan will take away the doll’s correct arms to find a picture — three closed eyes organized in a triangle. This is important afterward.
  • Left leg: If you’re employed along with the music subject on the very begin of the game, you’ll acknowledge this key. You’ll even be clued in on a much-needed hint afterward in House Benevento.
  • Left hand: Attached to the doll’s finger is Mia’s wedding ceremony ceremony ring. However, it’s coated in blood.
  • Mouth: Inside the doll’s mouth is a film reel. However, Ethan can’t seize it collectively together with his fingers and wishes the tweezers to grab it.
  • Left eye: Moving the doll’s correct eye will reveal one different picture. This time, it’s over a fowl. This picture corresponds with the three-eye picture found on the acceptable arm.

The door code

Resident Evil Village Wedding Ring Code

The method Ethan entered is now locked. He’ll desire a passcode to unlock it and may uncover that code after cleaning the blood of Mia’s ring. Use the Silver Key to open the other locked door in the doll room and head over to the sink. Wash off the blood and research the ring in your inventory. You’ll see the numbers 5, 29, and 11. Use this code to open the locked door.

Music subject puzzle

Resident Evil Village Music Box Puzzle

Head once more down the hallway until you see a door pop open. Inside, Ethan will uncover the music subject from his and Mia’s dwelling. You’ll need to rearrange the objects in an acceptable order to play the sector. Pay shut consideration to the scratches on each bit, significantly on the far correct and far left. Use these as a starting point and put together the objects accordingly. The image above is the appropriate order for the music subject.

Use the winding key to play the music subject. If executed appropriately, it will play temporary music sooner than opening a secret door. Inside the door is a pair of tweezers.

The projector puzzle

Resident Evil Village Projector Puzzle Solution

With the tweezers in hand, head once more to the Mia Doll — open its mouth and seize the film. Head once more out to the elevator and swap correct. Ethan will uncover a room with a projector pointed in direction of a show display. A statement on the desktop affords clues to participating in the projector. Here are the clues and the corresponding film reels. Arrange them in the following order:

  • Rose’s best buddy in all the broad world: The monkey toy
  • She truly likes this fairy story: Village of Shadows book
  • The most important issue in the world to us: Baby Rose
  • A wedding current from grandma: The music subject
  • Proof of Ethan’s everlasting love: Their wedding ceremony ceremony rings

Once the objects are organized in the appropriate order, the show display will fall, and a door will open. Through the door is a crawl space the place Ethan will uncover a pair of scissors. Use the scissors to cut the bandages off the Mia Doll to go looking out the Brass Medallion.

With the medallion in hand, head by means of the third door in the doll room and down the hallway. You’ll uncover a door with three turning dials. Place the Brass Medallion in the empty slot. Then, match the other two slots to the symbols confirmed on the Mia Doll. Refer to the image above for the appropriate affiliation.

Head down the hallway and climb into the creepy correctly. At the underside, you’ll uncover the breaker subject key. From proper right here, House Benevento isn’t a variety of a puzzle. We acquired spoil what’s to return again.

The Four Lords’ Labyrinth Puzzles

Resident Evil Village The For Lords Loading Screen

Each of the Four Lords of the Village has a custom-made Labyrinth puzzle in their explicit areas. You’ll have to find a ball depicting their personal insignias to perform the puzzles and retrieve the prize. Here are all their areas:

Lady Dimitrescu’s Labyrinth Puzzle

The puzzle itself is true subsequent to the Duke in Castle Dumitrescu. You ought to open the puzzle sooner than beginning the Lady Dimitrescu boss wrestle. Once she’s defeated, there is not a fashion of getting once more into the fort.

The ball to perform her puzzle is located above the Opera Hall. There’s a balcony above the first room. Head left everytime you first enter the realm to find a tiny room tucked away. Be cautious for the Moroaica asleep on the bottom. The ball is in a subject in the nook of the room.

Return to the Duke’s room in Castle Dimitrescu and use the ball to perform the Puzzle. Be affected individual with these puzzles as you maneuver the ball by means of. You have limitless tries if the ball falls off. Learn the place the holes are and data the ball to the top line.

Beneviento Labyrinth Puzzle

You have the flexibility to full the Beneviento Puzzle until after you defeat her and escape the house. On your method once more to the village, you’ll have the flexibility to find the realm. The ball is in a tiny subject on the underside subsequent to a small yard. It’s near a house and the coated path major once more to the village.

Benevento’s Labyrinth Puzzle is in an equivalent house the place you’ll inevitably uncover the Mistro’s Key. It’s located merely up the path. You acquired should journey too far to go looking out every object.

Moreau Labyrinth Puzzle

Again, avid gamers should full Moreau’s area sooner than they’re able to full his Labyrinth Puzzle. Once you make it once more to the beginning, use the crank to open the locked door. Head up the path until you uncover a small picket hutch, equal to the one you found the Demon Crest in initially of the game.

Moreau’s Labyrinth Puzzle is once more initially. Head once more down the path and swap left. You’ll see a small picket shack with the puzzle inside.

Heisenberg Labyrinth Puzzle

After you’ve shot the lights to stop the big spinning fan, head as a lot as the next diploma and climb the steps. Here, you’ll uncover a map of the manufacturing unit along with a movable cart. Move the cart and head by means of the crawl space. You’ll uncover the Ball Mold in the suitcase.

You’ll return to the foundry to make Heisenberg’s Key, so wait until you’re prompted to maneuver once more to make the ball, too.

The Puzzle itself is located correct subsequent to the Duke’s retailer on diploma B4. Look on the Duke and swap correct. You’ll see a double door straight ahead. Head by means of to go looking out Heisenburg’s Labyrinth Puzzle.


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