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Top 10 Best Free Android Fighting Games Offline And Online 2021

Hey, Lads. Gaming Console Presents Top 10 Best Free Android Fighting Games Offline And Online 2021 Along With Ratings. Ratings Are Based On Gamer And Critic Ratings. So Let’s List Down,

Best Free Android Fighting Games

10. Injustice 2

Nether realm Studios Delivers More Of Their Signature High-flying Punches And Explosive Finishes In This Second Installment Of Their Supersized Fighting Game. Stripping Away The Moral Cliches Of Their Comicbook Counterparts, Injustice 2 Brings All Your Favorite Dc Icons And Gathers Them Into The Ultimate Brawl To End All Brawls. Continuing On The Events Of Injustice:

Gods Among Us, Feast On The Game’s Mobile-optimised Controls As You Attempt To Bring Back Order Into The World Amidst Yet Another Villainous Plot For Domination. Assemble Friends And Foes Into 3 On 3 Battles And Upgrade Your Heroes Skills And Gear With Every Fight. A Satisfying Fighter, It Has A Rating Of 8.0.

9. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Plunging You Into The Hardcore World Of Boxing, Trace Out The Roots Of The Iconic Boxing Victory In This Action-packed Simulator. Straight Out Of His Hit Movie And Back Into The Canvas, Play As Adonis Johnson And Fulfill Your Dreams Under The Tutelage Of The One And Only Rocky Balboa. Work Your Way Up The Ladder, Bring Down Each Competent Foe, And Slowly Become Boxing’s Premier Titleholder.

A Second Installment Of The Real Boxing Experience , It Brings A Host Of Improvement On All Fronts. Built With Single Player And Multiplayer Offerings, It’s Endless Hours Of Knockout Entertainment At The Tip Of Your Fingers. It Has A Rating Of 8.03.

8. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

The Anime May Have Been Over, But The Ninja Adventures Never Stop. Your Favorite Shinobis Are Making Their Mobile Debut In An All New Shinobi Formation System Gameplay. Control Over 100 Characters You have Known And Loved From The Past Naruto Titles And Dive Into The Anims Original Story. Use Each Character’s Powerful Jutsus And Witness The World Of Ninjas Come To Life On Your Mobile Devices.

Form Your Party Of Hard-trained Ninjas And Unleash A Combination Of Close-ranged Attacks Mixed With The Games Ninja Field Skills. Packed With Multiplayer Battles, 4 Player Co-op Ninja Quests, And Monthly Jutsu-bending Activities, It’s The Perfect Pocket Diversion Wannabe Ninjas. It Has A Rating Of 8.06.

7. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

The Robots Have Come To Dominate The Ring In This Metal On Metal Extravaganza From Reliance Big Entertainment. A Tie In To 2011’s Real Steel Film Starring Hugh Jackman, The Studio Is Cashing In To This Robot Riot Of A Franchise. Find Your Humanity As One Of Their Mechanical Champions And Take On The Boxing Journey To Win The Winning Belt.

Serving Up Different Kinds Of Metal Meals On The Canvas, The Ring Is Your Kitchen As You Deliver Jabs, Straights, And Uppercuts Against Your Real Steel Rivals. Conquer 11 Different Arenas, And Experience The Glory Of The Blockbuster Movie First-hand. Packed With Knockout Punches, And The Determination To Win, It Has A Rating Of 8.08.

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6. WWE Immortals

Known For Their Superpowered Fighting Games, Nether realms Lends Their Well-trained Hands To The Superstars Of Professional Wrestling. Teaming Up With Phosphor Game Studios, WWE Popular Icons Become Their Own Kind Of Heroes In A Dark Fantasy World. With Undertaker’s Undead Conversion, Big Show’s Barbarian Build, And John Cena’s Spandex Suit And A Whole Lot More, It’s A Wrestling Fight Like Never Before.

More Immortal Than Their Undying Wrestling Legacies, Their Signature Moves Also Get The Same Undead Treatment, All Rendered In Impressive 3d. With A Massive Lineup Of Characters To Choose From, Gather The Best Of The Best And Decimate The 3v3 Competition. It Has A Rating Of 8.13.

5. EA Sports UFC

Released In 2015,This Mobile Adaptation Of Ea Sport’s Mma Fighter Is As Good As It Gets. Step Into The UFC Iconic Octagon And Immerse Yourself In The Thrill Of The Action. All Your Favorite Superstars Have Been Rounded Up For This Grand Battle For Supremacy, From Ronda Rousey, Connor Mcgregor, Chuck Liddell, And So Much More. Free As It Is, As An Ea, There Will Be Some Expectations Of In-app Purchases To Get The Full Experience.

But, For True Blue Fans Of The Sport, Ea’s Ufc Is The Ultimate Place To Be. Colect Your Favorite Mma Fighters And Watch Duke It Out Onstage, Rendered In The Game’s Jaw-dropping Graphical Quality. Choose From Over 70 Different Ufc Superstars And Hone Their Skills With Each Bloody Matchup. It Has A Rating Of 8.17

4. Mortal Kombat X

Part Card Game But Mostly An Action Packed Fighting Game, Mortal Kombat X Brings Ground Breaking Visuals And Visceral Fighting To The Android. Here, You Don’t t Just Play With One Fighter. You Control A Team Of Three Fighters. Collect All The Classic Mortal Kombat Characters; The Likes Of Scorpion, Sub-zero, Kitana And More. There Are New Faces Too Like Dvorah And Cassie Cage Just In Case You Want To Switch Things Up A Bit.

This Mobile Version Of Mortal Kombat X Is Not To Replace The Console Version, Rather, Its Meant To Compliment It. When You Play On The Console Version, You Unlock Rewards On Your Phone Too Including Rare Characters Like Klassic Kitana And Injustice Scorpion. Hardcore Gamer Says Its A Great Beat em Up Game With Only A Few Lacking Elements. It Has A Rating Of 8.21.

3. Skull Girls

Making Waves On The Pc And Consoles In 2012, With Line’s Partnership, The Artistic Fighting Game Arrives On The Mobile As A Free-to-play Rpg. Competing Against Other High-Caliber Fighting Games, Skull Girls Is One Of The Few Games That Was Fully Optimize For The Mobile, Translating The Complicated Array Of Button Mashes Into Graceful Swipes And Taps.

Dive Into Their Jazzy, Art-deco Arenas And Take On The Powers Of Their Notorious Skull Fighters. Choose From Their Roster Of 8 And Make Use Of Their Unique, Elemental Moves. A Free Fighting Game With Distinct Steam Punk Art Style And High Energy Battles, It’s A Premier Fighting For All And It Has A Rating Of 8.28.

2. Transformers: Forged To Fight

Follow The Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons And Maximals In An Interplanetary Battle That Holds The Future Of Cybertron. Similar To Warner Brothers Injustice 2 And Arkham Origins, Its A Fighting Game Where Players Use Their Fingers To Swipe, Tap And Flick The Screen To Defeat Their Opponent. Unleash Your Powerful Special Attacks And Roll Out To Deal Devastating Damage.

One Of The Biggest Transformers Titles On The Mobile, Forged To Fight Has A Wide Variety Of Characters Of Characters Like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Stars Cream, And Megatron. Fight For The Future Of Man And Robot kind As You Team Up With Friends, Forge Alliances And Eliminate Threats. It Has A Rating Of 8.38.

1. Shadow Fight 2

Admit It, At Some Point, You Wanted To Be A Ninja. The Developers At Nekki Are Delivering This Childhood Dream Experience To Us Right On To Our Phone, And It Really Did Not Disappoint. This Free To Play Sequel Tells The Story Of A Ninja Who Mistakenly Unleashes Demons Upon This World And Reduces Him Into A Shadow.

Maybe Thats Just A Design Choice By The Developers So They Don’t t Have To Worry About Having The Most Intricate Character Designs But You Know What It Works. Here You Fight Demons And Then Master Warriors In One-on-one Fighting Encounters And By The Way, When We Say You’re Fighting Demons, It Will Really Feel Like You’re re Fighting Demons. Take On The Challenges Of Being A Ninja With A Rating Of 8.52.

That’s Gaming Console Top 10 Best Free Android Fighting Games Offline And Online 2021. If We Missed Any Game Do Let Us Know In Comment Section.


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