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Biomutant Review: A Scrappy, But Creative Open World RPG

Story Highlights
  • “Despite biting off more than it can chew, Biomutant is a creative labor of love with strong RPG hooks.”

Biomutant Review: A Scrappy, But Creative Open World RPG


  • Creative worldbuilding
  • Lovely environments
  • Strong RPG hooks
  • Robust customization


  • Repetitive goals
  • Weak boss fights
  • General instability

A lot of post-apocalyptic media tends to be grim. Games like The Last of Us Part 2 are gritty tales about human beings struggling to outlive in a darkish and dreary world. Biomutant is downright cheerful by comparability.

The long-awaited open-world recreation is about in a future the place humanity has been worn out fully and nature has reclaimed the Earth. There aren’t any individuals within the recreation, simply mutated animals residing their greatest lives. There’s nonetheless a high-stakes plot, crumbling buildings, and useful resource scavenging, but it surely’s all extra of a fantasy slice of life.

Biomutant is a pleasant expertise full with creative world-building and robust RPG hooks. It bites off greater than it could possibly chew relating to its scale, but it surely’s a promising begin for a brand new franchise with a refreshing vibe.

Starting over

Described as a “kung fu fable,” Biomutant is an motion RPG that’s as cute as it’s morbid. The Earth as we all know it has been destroyed by a man-made ecological catastrophe. The human race is seemingly lifeless, however animals have developed within the aftermath. Players management a foxlike creature who should save the Tree of Life by defeating big predators often known as Worldeaters that gnaw at its roots. Biomutant is a gorgeously designed recreation stuffed with vibrant colours and awe-inspiring landscapes.

The recreation makes use of that setup to create some wealthy and inventive world constructing. Biomutant is filled with narrative particulars, lore, and charming characters. There’s an actual sense that the planet has naturally rebuilt itself into one thing new following humanity’s collapse. We get an in-depth take a look at the world’s political struggles by warring animal factions, splashes of colourful folklore handed down between generations, and the non secular facet of those creatures.

Traces of humanity nonetheless poke by. Decaying cities really feel just like the sort of historic ruins of civilization’s previous that we discover in our personal world. Part of the enjoyable is seeing how the sport transforms fundamental human merchandise into primitive artifacts. A youngsters’s beanie turns into a chunk of headgear or a washer turns into a dial-turning puzzle. It’s a recreation that simply has a blast imagining how different races would work together with the world people left behind after extinction.

What actually drives its world constructing house is, properly, it’s world. Biomutant is a gorgeously designed recreation stuffed with vibrant colours and awe-inspiring landscapes. The greatest instance of that’s the Tree of Life, a huge tree that sits within the lifeless middle of the map. It’s large roots department out in 4 instructions. It’s each a helpful navigation software that subtly guides gamers to their important goals and a putting visible that’s simply plain fairly.

Open-world video games stay and die by how a lot gamers really feel like they need to really discover that house. At each flip, I wished to twist up in Biomutant’s grassy hills like a cat and watch the solar set.

A fantastical motion RPG

As far as motion RPGs go, Biomutant actually works onerous to steadiness each side of the style equation. It’s a combat-heavy recreation that’s constructed round close-range slashing, long-range capturing, and combos that bridge each abilities. Its battles get repetitive after a dozen hours when spongey enemies turn into extra frequent (I discovered that I used to be spamming one combo by the midway mark), but it surely offers a number of instruments to tinker with that add selection. There are totally different weapon sorts, Assassin’s Creed-style particular skills which might be assigned to buttons, and unlockable abilities.

A character jumps and shoots a gun in Biomutant.

The most fascinating a part of the battle system comes from its weapon-crafting system. Players can construct their very own melee weapons utilizing elements they discover on this planet. I spent plenty of time mixing and matching items to create hilarious blades, like a tiny dagger on an enormous sword hilt. That doesn’t change the circulation of fight a lot, but it surely no less than provides an addictive customization layer that produces comedic outcomes.

The RPG parts are actually the place it shines, although. There’s an actual sense of character-building each step of the way in which. There are tabletop-style courses and stats that may buff assault energy or make gamers higher at bartering with retailers. Loot is plentiful and brings some wacky (however sensible!) vogue to the combination. There’s even a resistance system the place gamers can buff their potential to resist parts like warmth and poison to make it by harmful territory. The RPG parts are actually the place it shines.

The greatest method it makes use of its RPG techniques is in its tribal conflict quest. At the beginning of the sport, gamers will ally with one tribe and attempt to unite or defeat the remainder. The recreation provides gamers full freedom in how they need to deal with that problem. They can attempt to conquer each single tribe in battle or forgo fight fully and attempt to dealer peace. I managed to perform a little of column A and column B, breaking into strongholds and leaning on my charisma to attempt to type an alliance.

It’s not at all times fairly that in-depth. Character interactions exterior of that arc can really feel shallow by comparability with few, if any, choices for the way different quests are dealt with. Those moments the place the fight and RPG techniques are working collectively, although, create an journey with a private contact.

Pushed to the bounds

At first look, it’s onerous to imagine that Biomutant was made by a 20-person crew. It options the sort of big world one may count on from a Ubisoft recreation with an enormous workers. The deeper I received, the extra the seams began to point out. Assets are recycled usually, with some interiors trying indistinguishable from others. There’s a load of repetitive “map game” busy work that’ll have gamers doing the identical factor continuously, together with an infinite wave of dial puzzles. Every single line of dialogue is spoken by a single narrator who’s so tiresomely ever-present that the sport options a whole slider devoted to lowering how a lot it speaks.

A Biomutant character jumps on a mushroom.

Boss fights are typically tough, too. The set-piece pushed battles are typically constructed round some huge software to distinguish them and make them really feel larger, however they usually come off a bit sloppy. I normally discovered myself struggling to tame unwieldy autos in battles that at all times felt one bug away from collapsing.

I ran up in opposition to frequent crashes throughout my playthrough on Xbox Series X as properly. While that may hopefully be ironed out for the ultimate launch, that sense of common instability butts heads with a world that begs to be fluidly explored. The deeper I received, the extra the seams began to point out.

Again, all of that is comprehensible contemplating the scale of the event crew versus the size of the venture. It’s undoubtedly an formidable recreation that doesn’t at all times have the assets to deal with its weight. But by the entire frustration, I’d at all times discover some creative piece of the world that might deliver a smile to my face.

There’s plenty of potential in Biomutant as a franchise due to all of the narrative groundwork in place right here. It serves as a powerful proof of idea for developer Experiment 101, which is as scrappy and resourceful because the creatures it has created.

Our take

Biomutant is a transparent labor of affection that’s loaded with imaginative world-building. The in-depth character customization choices create a extra customized sort of motion RPG. Its eyes are sometimes larger than its abdomen, which may usually end in a repetitive, at occasions unstable expertise. Even with these flaws, it’s onerous to not be charmed by a kind-hearted venture with some environmentally aware storytelling.

Is there a greater various?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to be the open-world gold customary and up to date video games like Ghost of Tsushima provide a cleaner expertise for a similar value level.

How lengthy will it final?

The important marketing campaign can take round 20 hours, however reaching 100% completion will seemingly take nearer to 60.

Should you purchase it?

Yes. If you possibly can cope with some tough edges, there’s a colourful world stuffed with appeal right here that’s value exploring.


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