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Genshin Impact: Best Build, Weapons, and Artifacts for Klee

Now on her second run due to the start of the game, Klee has returned to Genshin Impact merely in time for the summer time season. She is also small, nevertheless, she packs a hell of a Pryo-infused punch, putting her bewildering explosives expertise to utilize by sending Hilichurls, Abyss Mages, and fish sky extreme. Here’s how she performs and the perfect assemble, weapons, and artifacts for Klee to ship her rallying to the very best of your hurt charts.

Klee assemble info: Team operate, assaults, expertise, and constellations

Though Genshin Impact has added many alternative extremely efficient Pyro clients since her preliminary arrival, there’s one factor about Klee’s hyper-destructive persona that makes her a really distinctive choice in your group. Her common assaults are just a bit gradual, nevertheless, they positively pack a bang, pairing successfully collectively along with her completely different experience to deal heavy Pyro AoE DMG, clearing packs of Slimes and Hilichurls with no downside.

As every assault is Pyro-infused in a roundabout means, she’s good for taking up positive Abyss Mages and their shields nevertheless will develop into completely ineffective in opposition to completely different Pyro enemies.  She could even toss big monsters, identical to the Frostarm Lawachurl spherical like a volleyball.

Here’s a quick breakdown of her skillset.

Skill Effect
Elemental Skill: Jumpy Dumpty Active: Throws a Jumpy Dumpty that bounces thrice, dealing AoE Pyro DMG as a result of it travels. Explodes after the third bounce, dealing Pryo DMG and dropping mines throughout the landing zone. Mines explode near enemies or after a short delay, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. This expertise has two charges.
Elemental Burst: Sparks ‘n’ Splash For 10 seconds, Klee routinely provides AoE Pyro DMG to shut by enemies.
Talent 1: Roiling Rime When Klee’s common assaults and Elemental Skill provides DMG, she has a 50% chance to accumulate an explosive spark, which makes her subsequent charged assault value no stamina and deal 50% elevated DMG.
Talent 2: Wellspring of War-Lust After a charged assault CRIT, all social gathering members purchase 2 Elemental Energy.
Trait Displays the scenario of shut by property distinctive to Mondstadt on the mini-map.
Constellations Effect
C1: Chained Reactions Attack and Skills have a possibility to summon a spark that bombards enemies, dealing DMG equal to 120% of her Elemental Burst DMG.
C2: Explosive Frags Enemies hit by the mines of her Elemental Skill have their DEF decreased by 23% for 10 seconds.
C3: Exquisite Compound Increased the extent of Jumpy Dumpty by 3.
C4: Sparkly Explosion If Klee leaves the sphere all through her Elemental Burst, an explosion provides 555% of her ATK as Pyro DMG to close-by enemies.
C5: Nova Burst Increases the extent of Sparks ‘n’ Splash by 3.
C6: Blazing Delight During her Elemental Burst, completely different social gathering members regenerate Energy and purchase a ten% Pyro DMG bonus at its end.

Klee’s experience paints a picture of a chief DPS selection that’s far more chaotic than most Catalyst characters throughout the sport correct now. Large explosions, bouncing bombs, land mines, and laser beams are all part of her package deal, with most coming alongside the remaining. All this suggests she’s good at triggering elemental reactions, nevertheless, she’ll need some help setting them up.

Klee assemble info: Best weapons for Klee

Klee is dependent upon CRIT value, CRIT DMG, and ATK to rack up extreme Pryo DMG, nevertheless, most of her best weapons stem from their added outcomes. Below are the perfect Klee weapons to equip her with. Some will enhance her raw ATK, some will improve her elemental DMG, and some will merely permit her to utilize her experience far more sometimes.

  1. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  2. Skyward Atlas
  3. Solar Pearl
  4. Sacrificial Fragments
  5. Eye of Perception

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

  • Bonus State: CRIT Rate
  • Increases Movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, purchase an 8% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4 seconds. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.

This five-star gacha weapon will give Klee the added CRIT value she craves whereas allowing her to stack as a lot as 36% additional Elemental DMG Bonus in just under 12 seconds.

Skyward Atlas

  • Bonus Stat: ATK
  • Increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12%. Normal assault hits have a 50% chance to set off clouds to hunt out shut by enemies and assault for 15 seconds, dealing 160% ATK DMG. Can solely occur as quickly as every 30 seconds.

This gacha weapon will play into teams that generally swap between characters. A 30-second cooldown on its silly little gimmick signifies that if Klee isn’t your main hurt provider merely however, it’s value swapping her in each 30 seconds merely to get one different cloud going and to spend her boosted Elemental Skill charges.

Solar Pearl

  • Bonus Stat: CRIT value
  • Normal assault hits enhance Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20% for six seconds. Likewise, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits enhance common assault DMG by 20% for six seconds.

This is technically a paid-for weapon, nevertheless it absolutely’s comparatively low value to accumulate and could also be upgraded with each new battle go, making it a lot much less reliant on taking part in. With CRIT value linked and a think about Klee’s generally spammed common assaults, this weapon will help a very powerful DPS Klee scale to new heights.

Sacrificial Fragments

  • Bonus Stat: Elemental Mastery
  • After damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the expertise has a 40% chance to complete its private CD. Can solely occur as quickly as every 30 seconds.

This one has boons for every most essential DPS Klee and Support Klee. Her Elemental Skill can already be used twice in a single go, nevertheless by boosting it with Elemental Mastery and then having two footage to set off the cooldown reset of the weapon, it’s a really perfect, typically dropped gacha weapon that you could have the power to go already.

Eye of Perception

  • Bonus Stat: ATK
  • Normal and charged assaults have a 50% chance to hearth a bolt of Perception, dealing 240% ATK as DMG. This bolt can bounce between enemies a most of 4 events. This influence can occur as quickly as every 12s.

If you’re working out of selections, the three-star Eye of Perception can get Klee performing some respectable hurt. By specializing in boosting her spammable common and charged assaults, this weapon turns her already AoE-enabled hits into mini variations of her Elemental Burst.

Klee assemble info: Best artifacts for Klee

  • Four-piece set: Crimson Witch of Flames

Although the Pale Flame set has been launched since Klee’s first banner, it isn’t one factor you want to select up for her, as her common and charged assaults already take care of Elemental DMG versus Physical DMG.

The best artifact set for Klee stays as a result of it was sooner than, the Crimson Witch of Flames, which is ready to ship her Pyro DMG scaling to new heights. As it scaled one different 50% with the whole four-piece set, there’s no trigger to settle for a breakup artifact set.

Here are the perfect stats for Klee. Look out for these when farming and upgrading the Crimson Witch of Flames set:

Slot Main stat Sub stats
Feather ATK ATK%, Elemental Mastery, CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate
Flower HP
Hourglass ATK % / Elemental Mastery
Goblet Pyro DMG Bonus / Elemental Mastery
Headpiece ATK %

Klee assemble info: Best group comps for Klee

Klee pairs exceptionally successfully with Bennett. As she hardly needs to maneuver, Bennett’s Elemental Burst can enhance her ATK and Elemental Mastery ever elevated, guaranteeing Klee has all of the items she should bombard the enemy. Even merely having him throughout the group will set off the 25% ATK elemental resonance improve.

Venti is one different good selection. He can spherical up enemies collectively together with his frequent Elemental Burst, enabling Klee to every preserve safe and precise ridiculous AoE DMG. Paired with the Swirl influence, it’s the best elemental storm.

Though Bennett and Venti must be succesful to protect Klee’s safety and sound, Diona’s shields will not solely act as a buffer nevertheless can also prepare extraordinarily potent Melt reactions with Klee’s fastened Pyro output.


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