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Godfall Review: Repetitive Gameplay Hurts Next-Gen Spectacle

Story Highlights
  • "Godfall's dazzling visuals and promising combat are held back by repetitive dungeon crawling.”
  • Impactful struggle
  • Useful abilities and upgrades
  • Impressive visuals


  • Sparse dungeon crawling
  • Repetitive missions
  • Shallow loot
  • Limited world design

If there’s one issue Godfall will get correct, it’s a spectacle. The PlayStation 5 launch title is filled with the kind of seen razzle-dazzle that one could anticipate from a next-gen sport. There’s a whole menu of hyperfocused graphics selections meant to push the model new {{hardware}} to its limits.

Early buzz round new consoles tends to concentrate on power, putting day one video video games like Godfall inside the spotlight as soon as they might in some other case fly beneath the radar absolutely. Go once more to any console launch and it’s easy to find a long-forgotten launch day title that maximized power, nonetheless didn’t make an extreme quantity of a long-lasting impression in some other case.

Godfall takes good thing about the next-gen power leap with its dazzling visuals, nonetheless misplaces its promising struggle system in a repetitive loot sport the place rewards not typically actually really feel rewarding.

Less Destiny 2, additional Diablo

When Godfall was first launched, it drew fast comparisons to Destiny 2. Part of that was because of the game’s an promoting and advertising and marketing push, which branded the game as the first “looter-slasher” and centered on flashy armor that wouldn’t be misplaced in Bungie’s home epic.

Perhaps primarily essentially the most beautiful revelation about Godfall is that it’s not a keep service sport the least bit. Instead, it’s additional akin to a dungeon crawler like Diablo. The bulk of the game is spent popping into missions from the game’s small hub. Players slash down crowds of enemies, accumulate new loot, and uncover belongings hidden all by means of the world.


It’s rinse-repeat experience that asks players to complete a restricted number of duties (most of which include hacking up enemies), whereas working circles throughout related areas repeatedly. For event, players will typically must survive a wave of enemies for 60 seconds or kill 16 enemies, who slowly emerge from statues. Big boss fights break up the tedium, nonetheless, they’re solely unlocked by gaining seals obtained by grinding by means of additional missions like this.

Like any dungeon crawler, loot is the precise hook. Missions are stuffed with rewards, from weapons to gear that everybody contains their very personal perk. The mounted stream of goodies makes it so players can start customizing a assemble shortly. After a lot of missions, nonetheless, I turned utterly overwhelmed by the amount of treasure I was gathering. Even salvaging it for belongings felt like a monotonous time dedication.

It’s rinse-repeat experience that asks players to complete a restricted number of duties, whereas working circles throughout related areas repeatedly.

Exciting loot is solely half the battle for a sport like this. There’s a unbroken power accumulation by means of the game, nonetheless few compelling causes to level out it off open air of some high-level postgame actions. Godfall presents tons to play with, nonetheless not quite a bit to actually play.

Big battles

The weak gameplay loop is a shame, because of the struggle presents some actual potential. Like many modern movement video video games, combating revolves round light and heavy assaults. The key distinction is that players use outsized weapons like hammers and spears. There’s actual weight to each weapon, making each hit actually really feel slower and further impactful than an peculiar sword swing. The trade-off is that players must suppose additional strategically about every hit, as committing an extreme quantity can lead to disaster. Each button press points, which is rare in a hack-and-slash sport.

There’s a heavy defensive half as successfully, with a defend that performs a severe place within the struggle. This may be utilized to dam assaults, parry enemies, or for ranged assaults. Like main weapons, the system feels devastating and supplies an actual sense of power to struggle. There’s quite a lot of satisfaction that comes with tossing the hunk of metallic like Captain America’s defending, knocking an enemy off his toes, and opening it up for a brutal takedown.

Each button press points, which is rare in a hack-and-slash sport.

That strong foundation evolves even further all by means of the game due to a smattering of bettering strategies. There’s a expertise tree that gives additional combos and shade to the experience and package enhancements that grant specific perks. On prime of that, the game choices 12 unlockable “vapor plates,” that are completely completely different armor items that players can equip. Each one comes with its private specific perk, like shock hurt, or poison, together with tons of the way in which to craft character builds.


Everything is worthwhile as much as some extent. I found myself using almost each single system in battle, spending quite a lot of time enchanting gear, and switching up my valor plate with every probability I purchased. But I was nonetheless loading into missions that felt indistinguishable from one another and mowing down the similar types of enemies advert nauseum. I was all dressed up with nothing to do.

All approach and nuance are inclined to exit the window as enemies grow to be additional plentiful and executives’ well-being bars get bigger. It solely will get more and more tempting to solely equip a sooner weapon class and spam light assaults to push the profit. The weighty struggle could probably current thrills in a centered movement sport with big-budget set gadgets, nonetheless, it’s a mismatch for a modest dungeon crawler constructed on grinding.

Razzle-dazzle them

The sport’s design alternatives actually really feel like they’re taking an once more seat to its technical prowess. It’s a visual spectacle that feels identical to the web recreation equal to a Great Gatsby social gathering. Valorplates are lavishly detailed, particles fly in every course, and golden light shines down on every ground to drive residence the wow concern.


It’s immediately spectacular, even when on a shallow diploma. As any individual who’s not merely impressed by seen aptitude, I nonetheless found myself marveling at tiny particulars like simple motion blurring as if I’ve been a seasoned techie.

That ground sheen on no account really goes away, nonetheless, the pleasure is short-lived because of sport’s lackluster world design. Godfall primarily choices three maps, each with its private elemental style. Despite thematic variations and motifs, the areas are structurally associated adequate that they not typically actually really feel like radically completely completely different environments. That doesn’t negate the spectacular eye candy, nonetheless, it does make its strategies actually really feel restricted at events.

The underlying design alternatives undercut the spectacle, bringing the game down from next-gen cloud 9.

Console launch video video games are on a regular basis going to be in a great spot as they’re often primarily essentially the most carefully scrutinized video video games of know-how, a minimum of on a technical diploma. Godfall does the whole thing in its power to make a splash, nonetheless, it’s a short-term reply. The underlying design alternatives undercut the spectacle, bringing the game down from next-gen cloud 9. Once the paint fades away, players are left with a surprisingly light looter that doesn’t actually really feel much more sophisticated than Minecraft Dungeons.

Our take

Godfall presents quite a lot of guarantees with its spectacular visuals and impactful struggle, nonetheless, these highlights are misplaced in a sparse dungeon crawler that sells its strengths temporary. It’s far completely completely different than the Destiny 2 clone followers have been anticipating, nonetheless, that keep service trend might need been a better match for its dedication to loot grinding.

Is there a better distinction?

Warframe is easier as a “looter-slasher” and Destiny 2 presents the similar next-gen grind with higher reward.

How prolonged will it last?

The main advertising and marketing marketing campaign will get as a lot because the 8- to 10-hour fluctuate, nonetheless, devoted players can spend additional time grinding for rewards and ending a small handful of postgame actions.

Should you buy it?

No. There are a great deal of larger next-gen video video games to aim correctly now, even if you happen to occur to’re merely looking for a multiplayer sport to aim at launch.


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