How to Defeat the Diamond Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5

After a battle with the Ruby Weapon, a battle with the Sapphire Weapon, and a brawl in direction of the Emerald Weapon, the Diamond Weapon — acknowledged to use the battle data of the earlier iterations to good the weapon program — has been launched. There’s a difficulty, though: It’s not manned by its creator or a completely obedient and foolish pilot. Allie has already activated the Warmachine’s oversoul efficiency, sending the machine crashing by way of the Castrum hanger and into the primary airspace. Now’s the time to put a end to the machine and nip the empire’s expansion-long science experiment in the bud.

The common mode drawback of Diamond Weapon isn’t a really tough battle, nevertheless it absolutely does alter some in another case well-known mechanics in strategies that will journey up a lot much less expert avid gamers. If you’re accident-prone and don’t want to hazard wiping a bunch of random avid gamers, be taught on to uncover out all the essential Diamond Weapon strategies.

FFXIV Diamond Weapon Normal Mode Strategy

FFXIV Diamond Weapon guide

Move set

Armored (Phase One)

  • Diamond Rain: Deals heavy area damage to the total workforce.
  • Photon Burst: Targets every tank with an enormous area assault.
  • Adamant Purge: Deals a singular area damage assault counting on which data (Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire) is proclaimed sooner than use.

Unlocked (Phase Two)

  • Auri Cyclone: Strikes each points of the space, knocking the social gathering once more considerably.
  • Auri Arts: Carves a path for Diamond Weapon to dash alongside, which is considerably further difficult when Magitek Field surrounds the space.
  • Auri Doomstead: Deals heavy damage to the tank.
  • Outrage: Deals light area damage to the total workforce.
  • Vertical Cleave: Strikes the last remaining space facet from the coronary heart prolonged facet, knocking the social gathering once more.

Armored (Phase Three)

  • Diamond Shrapnel: Targets two social gathering members with monitoring strikes that resolve with an even bigger area assault.
  • Articulated Bits: Generates small claws on one-half of every space’s sides that assault lifeless ahead. This is generally paired with Adamant Purge (Ruby).

Diamond Weapon: Phase One

Diamond Weapon tank position

The very very first thing to observe is that Diamond Weapon assaults every tank concurrently with linear beams of sunshine, making it essential that they stand to the head or tail of the boss whereas the the rest of the workforce stays on its flank.

Right out of the gate, Diamond Weapon does what most bosses of the Shadowbringers development do — reveal its party-wide damage switch. Diamond Rain will strike the workforce for round 80% of the widespread participant’s HP. You’ll have a great deal of time to heal up after this major blow, nevertheless, fail to protect topped up later in the battle and a Diamond Rain can come alongside to finish you off.

Shortly after this major assault, Cid will identify up a second deck on the reverse facet of the Diamond Weapon, signaling the battle’s basic mechanic. Diamond Weapon typically cleaves each points of the space with Adamant Purge, making it compulsory to use the teleporters beside the enemy to soar between each points of the greater space to steer clear of being hit. The facet this hits is signaled by which of the boss’ arms glow with pink claws so that you just want to soar to the reverse facet.

Diamond Weapon Adamant Purge claws

After a sneaky use of Diamond Rain, Photon Burst will aim each tank, which they want to take as faraway from the workforce as doable to lower the chances of damaged social gathering members being accomplished off. Adamant Purge will shortly come out as soon as extra, this time channeling Sapphire Weapon to blast a single social gathering member with a powerful straight-firing laser that the total workforce ought to group up to share.

Diamond Weapon: Phase Two

Diamond Weapon auri cyclone

Soon adequate, Diamond Weapon will shed its armor, becoming an Ifrit reskin for a time. At this second, it casts Auri Cyclone: A expertise that will shortly make the total battle go south. It slams two huge blue circles on the space, starting with whichever it’s coping with first. Hug the circle closest and in direction of the longer facet of your chosen platform to steer clear of being despatched hurtling off the space. It’ll end by knocking one facet of the space down into the clouds, so ensure to teleport over to the totally different sooner than it’s destroyed. Healers will want to excessive the workforce up sooner than Outrage is stable to deal a remaining blow.

Things solely get further subtle from proper right here on out. After littering the air home with a magitek self-discipline, Auri Arts is stable. The zig-zagging path of Diamond Weapon’s incoming sprint will briefly appear underfoot. Identify a protected zone and get in shut. Once it settles down, counts on the tank to take an enormous hit from Auri Doomstead.

FFXIV Diamond Weapon Auri Arts

For a short while now, Diamond Weapon will use the similar few assaults repeatedly. If Auri Arts are stable with out the magick self-discipline, rely on a neater dash and slam combo than earlier. As Verticle Cleave goes out, hug the enemy as shut to the knockback markers as you presumably can or use a expertise like Surecast to negate it. There isn’t a whole lot of room for error proper right here.

Diamond Weapon: Phase Three

Before prolonged, Diamond Weapon risks overheating and can get once more into its genuine armor, biking the battle once more to the first form. There are only a few new strategies proper right here, nevertheless nothing to be too concerned in. Now that you just perceive the basic mechanics, it’s solely a case of on the lookout for the tells and dodging incoming damage.

Diamond Shrapnel is an easy case of repeated strikes following two social gathering members that finish with an even bigger bang than targets ought to place into the corners of the space, whereas Articulated Bits models up straight-firing miniature claws on one half of each space which may be merely prevented. Adamant Purge claws could also be woven into this last one, so hear to the enemy’s arms to discern which facet of the space is definitely protected.

ffxiv diamond weapon strategy guide adamant claws emerald

With that barrage over with, Adamant Sphere arrives after a relatively tame Photon Burst, scattering 4 iconic meteor markers on both aspect of the space for the DPS to reduce up and soak. Things look to repeat after that, nevertheless Emerald Weapon data may kick in to dispense assault markers above every participant that should be fastidiously separated to steer clear of heavy damage. That being acknowledged, it’s the remaining actually new assault. The battle roughly weaves and repeats until you knock Diamond Weapon out of the sky for good.


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