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Immortals Fenyx Rising Review: Sleeper Hit of 2020

Story Highlights
  • “Immortals Fenyx Rising merges the best and worst of Ubisoft games with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”
Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • Gorgeous design
  • Excellent battle and puzzles
  • Great script
  • Fun characters


  • Identical to Breath of the Wild in building
  • Tiresome marking system

Immortals Fenyx Rising won’t fully match the pure exploration of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, nonetheless it higher than makes up for its shortcomings with lovely design, a witty script, and superb battle.

This will in all probability be author Ubisoft’s third giant open-world sport in two months and is the one not a part of a longtime franchise, nonetheless doesn’t indicate it’s any a lot much less worthy of your time.

Its building is all Breath of the Wild

Earlier this 12 months, a gacha sport (individuals who make use of a capsule-toy merchandising machine mechanic) from developer miHoYo obtained right here onto the scene. Called Genshin Impact, it was immediately as compared with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which it very intently emulates. Immortals Fenyx Rising is rather more of a clone of that commonplace sport than Genshin Impact.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Flying

You play as Fenyx, a customizable Ancient Greek soldier, who wakes up after having shipwrecked on a small island. You are prevented from accessing the rest of the map until you full just some goals that lastly net you a tool to glide off of the peninsula. Once you arrive on the mainland, there are 4 extremely efficient deities you could possibly go to in order to amass their power and defeat the enemy on the center of the map. That foe is Thypon, who you can face from the second you arrive in case you so choose.

Immortals Fenyx Rising higher than makes up for its shortcomings with lovely design, a witty script, and a wonderful battle.

Swapping out Link for Fenyx and Ganon for Typhon, could be virtually an an identical building to that of Breath of the Wild. There are hidden puzzles to unravel everywhere in the world, which you traverse alongside along with your glider. You even have the pliability to climb one thing — as long as you might need the stamina for it. There are belongings to assemble, new armor and weapons to wield, and fairly a couple of vaults to find, which comprise rather more puzzles that reward you with merchandise to enhance Fenyx’s expertise.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Open World

The world goes to should get used to video video games borrowing the elements for Breath of the Wild. It’s the model new Metroidvania, and really like these video video games, its design is simply too fascinating to solely go away behind. The good news is that Immortalsvirtually captures the an identical magic, other than one obtrusive flaw.

Exploration is additional checklist-based

Breath of the Wild had a particularly pure discovery. As Link, avid gamers would set out on a journey from one divine beast to the next, being drawn away from their distinctive path each time their shrine sensor would start beeping, or some distinctive topography would catch their eye.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Puzzle

It meant that you just always had a method of pushing forward, even in case you naturally doubled once more. Immortals don’t have this.

In fundamental Ubisoft model, Fenyx has the pliability to mark explicit elements on the map, very like how the participant would possibly obtain this in Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This was one of my least favourite options of these video video games, and I was so grateful as soon as they eradicated it in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

You can find yourself standing in place for minutes at a time, endlessly marking puzzles or belongings, and likewise you’re under no circumstances, ever achieved. Granted, you’d forgo using this implies the least bit, which I finally did, and you will stumble all through one factor fascinating regardless. But Immortals has far more of a think about leveling up Fenyx and upgrading her expertise, and the additional I refused to make use of the tagging system, the additional I observed the game was designed with it in ideas explicitly.

Therefore, it not usually feels corresponding to you’re pushing on ahead alongside along with your quest, and additional corresponding to you’re pinballing from one marker to the next, even in case you refuse to work together with the system.

Immortals Fenyx Rising map

In addition, whereas Link acquires all his expertise all through the primary few hours, Fenyx slowly obtains them over the course of the game. Simply leaping upward whereas climbing a cliff? You should unlock it, and the traversal feels extraordinarily disjointed with out some of these key elements. This could be remedied by shortly buying ample belongings to enhance Fenyx, nonetheless, it’s merely but another barrier to pure discovery.

It’s a distinction from Breath of the Wild that on the ground feels small, nonetheless it vastly changes how the game feels inside the second to second. Thankfully, the game’s map is method smaller than completely different Ubisoft open-world titles, and its document of actions doesn’t actually really feel virtually as bloated.

Here’s what Immortals do in one other method

I’m happy to report that the rest of the deviations from Breath of the Wild is unbelievable, and that begins with the writing. While Link’s journey can actually really feel significantly empty and dry, Immortals is dripping with character and humor.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Zeus and Prometheus

The sport is narrated by Zeus and Prometheus, two godbrothers who play off each other with quips and banter that had me frequently chuckling all by means of the game. Mixed in with their comedy is a refreshing notion of the tales that comprise Greek mythology.

It strikes healthful stability that extends to the character of the jokes themselves. The writing feels fairly a bit like fundamental episodes of The Simpsons, which have been humorous since I used to be a baby, nonetheless, I solely appreciated the full scope of as a grownup. Quite a bit of half to the story actually really feel like this, with some really darkish and raunchy humor masterfully masked by snappy innuendos.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hermes

I’d often throw a podcast on inside the background when exploring numerous open-world sport akin to this, nonetheless, Zeus and Prometheus’ interjections have been so nice as Fenyx strikes throughout the map that I lastly forewent doing this in order to take be aware of their narration. Additional characters, such as a result of the gods you meet alongside the best way by which, along with Hermes, who’s ceaselessly at your side, add to the brevity and texture of the world as properly.

While Link’s journey can actually really feel significantly empty and dry, Immortals is dripping with character and humor.

One side that Immortals improves upon from Breath of the Wild is its battle. The hyperlink was no slouch in his sport, nonetheless, Fenyx is on one different stage alongside together with her weapons and skills. With a sword for delicate assaults, an ax for heavy assaults, and a bow for ranged assaults, taking on the various mythological creatures is always pleasurable, significantly as you evolve your expertise and develop to be additional extremely efficient. Monsters that present powerful early on could be merely swept aside later inside the sport, with new beasts taking their place on the excessive of the meals chain.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Minotaur

One of the necessary factor elements of Breath of the Wild was its shrines, and whereas the invention of the vaults in Immortals isn’t as sturdy, the puzzles and battle problem current in them are.

They moreover could be on a scale unmatched by one thing in Breath of the Wild, notably those who revolve round main quests, which provide a quantity of ranges and goals inside them, giving the participant a motive to return to a vault even after buying the bolt of Zeus’ lightning on the end.

Taking on the various mythological creatures is always pleasurable, significantly as you evolve your expertise and develop to be additional extremely efficient.

They must unlock expertise could be annoying, as typically, I’m questioning if a hidden chest is barely obtainable as quickly as Fenyx useful properties model new power or if I merely haven’t found the puzzle however. This disadvantage subsides as the game progresses, as you will finally have all of the devices at your disposal, nonetheless might go away a barely unhealthy model in your mouth inside the preliminary hours.

Immortals Fenyx Rising vaults

Our thought

Immortals Fenyx Rising injects every of the best and worst options of Ubisoft open-world video video games into the DNA of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While the shortcomings can usually get in the best way by which of its enjoyment, the game is so big and colourful that the additional I carried out, the additional I forgave these flaws. Ubisoft has an unbelievable new franchise on its fingers that feels tonally distinctive and might undoubtedly get increased with future installments.

Is there a higher distinction?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild nonetheless has one of the best-realized open worlds, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has an additional refined battle.

How prolonged will it last?

Simply following the story content material materials will result in round 30 hours of gameplay, with that playtime doubling to round 60 hours when along with a healthful portion of side content material materials and ballooning rather more for completionists.

Should you buy it?

Yes. It’s a colourful, charming open-world sport, though avid gamers who already grabbed Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla may be understandably burned out on the elements by this stage.


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