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Iron Harvest Review: Real-Time Strategy With Feeling

Story Highlights
  • “An enjoyable real-time strategy game held back by a lack of polish and content.”
iron harvest review
  • A heartfelt story
  • Strong design ethos
  • An abundance of mechanics
  • Excellent destruction physics


  • Steep drawback curve
  • Certain gameplay lacking polish
  • A small assortment of content material materials

Iron Harvest is a real-time approach sport that takes place in an alternate historic previous of early twentieth-century Europe, the place the wildest creations of steampunk have been an actuality. While the game attracts you with its giant, lumbering mechs, it is the surprisingly non-public story on the coronary coronary heart of the advertising marketing campaign that may maintain you participating in, along with an outstanding seen design.

With various strategies to take care of the various conflicts, Iron Harvest is a satisfying RTS. Still, its steep learning curve is maybe off-putting to new players of approach video video games, and its moderately restricted assortment of content material materials would possibly flip away RTS veterans.

A heartfelt, if predictable, advertising marketing campaign

Real-time approach video video games are all about controlling a lot of gadgets at a time in large-scale conflicts, so the campaigns included in these video video games normally work on a macro diploma and are concerned with telling the large picture of the combative forces. Iron Harvest choices these conflicts, nevertheless on the coronary coronary heart of its story is Anna Kos, a youthful citizen of the fictional jap European nation of Polania. At a very youthful age, her brother leaves her village to battle within the Great War. What was meant to be a quick engagement ends up spanning years, and the wreckage of mechanical battle machines finally litters the land, creating the titular iron harvest. Anna and her pet bear, Wojtek, get caught up inside the aftermath of the catastrophe, which, like a real-world historic previous, stokes the flames for a second, far more devastating battle.

While the game attracts you with its giant, lumbering mechs, it is the surprisingly non-public story on the coronary coronary heart of the advertising marketing campaign that may maintain you participating in, along with an outstanding seen design.

It’s an emotional story of loss, accountability, and sacrifice that meshes surprisingly properly with among the many further zany elements of the game, such as a result of the comically villainous Lev Zubov, chief of the opposing Rusviet forces. While the beats of the story can usually be seen coming from a mile away, sturdy performances from the core cast help promote the narrative. Unfortunately, among the many voice acting from side characters and NPCs is way weaker, compromising the immersion significantly. This and stiff animations all through cutscenes made me need the builders had barely larger funds to work with to iron out among the many kinks and provide an additional polished presentation.

Iron Harvest Battle
Provided by Deep Silver

The graphics inside the cutscenes depart fairly a bit to be desired, nevertheless, when the game pulls the digicam out for gameplay, the world really comes together with among the many missing particulars getting misplaced inside the broader, well-realized diploma design. What makes the world far more satisfying to inhabit is how destructible it is. It’s extraordinarily satisfying to concentrate on enemies with a mech and watch it value through a warehouse, a pile of bricks left in its wake.

The aesthetics of the game are impressed by Polish artist Jakub Rozalski and his 1920+ assortment of labor. Playing the game is like watching one amongst Rozalski’s works come to life, which is a visual delight, as variations of brown are contrasted with the sensible orange of exploding rockets or the deep blues of the Polanian riflemen’s uniform.

The gameplay is deep nevertheless troublesome to know

Iron Harvest Conflict
Provided by Deep Silver

Iron Harvest emphasizes taking cowl and flanking the enemy, one factor just some totally different video video games inside the fashion concern themselves with. Adding mechs to the battle that will obliterate that cowl in a matter of seconds makes for a particularly vigorous RTS. There is on a regular basis one factor to do, and you will regularly be reacting to the turning tides of battles. Whereas some approach video video games have you ever ever order directions, wait to see what the top result’s, after which shuffle your forces spherical, Iron Harvest offers no such reprieve, making it a refreshing entry inside the fashion.

Witnessing the real-time physics in movement is extraordinarily satisfying.

I normally wished, nonetheless, that my forces would reply with the haste important to complete their duties. I found myself, on events, clicking on a unit to produce a command, after which watched them take a lot of moments to execute it. By the time they’ve been ready, I wished one factor fully totally different from them. The enemy A.I. was moreover irritating at events. I’d have squads firing from behind cowl at enemies that may merely stand out inside the open, returning footage to no avail. At some elements, they’d even take cowl behind the equivalent stonewall the place my troops have been, and I’d merely must attend to see which squad would possibly outlast the alternative. Moments like these really soured my experience of the generally respectable gameplay.

The advertising marketing campaign slowly introduces the game’s mechanics, and I carefully counsel you fill it sooner than leaping into the stand-alone A.I. battles — and undoubtedly sooner than making an attempt to face one different real-world strategist inside the multiplayer. Still, even after getting well-acquainted with the gameplay, the crazy juggle of controlling the sector, managing belongings, outmaneuvering opponents, and developing my navy was ceaselessly overwhelming. Publisher Deep Silver gives a bit of virtually 100-page data that goes into the small print of the entire fully totally different mechanics of the game, and understanding all of them is essential to take care of among the many harder encounters.

Iron Harvest Building
Provided by Deep Silver

A shortage of content material materials

Contrasting with the wealth of mechanics is a paltry content material materials selection. After ending the story, I moved over to the A.I. conflicts and multiplayer decisions, and audibly exclaimed, “Is this it?!” The sport has solely a handful of maps and mission varieties to pick out from, paling in comparison with many alternative RTS titles. There is future content material materials deliberate for the game, nevertheless, there’ll probably be a fee for it.

After ending the story, I moved over to the A.I. conflicts and multiplayer decisions, and audibly exclaimed, “Is this it?!”

Those making an attempt to find the various sport modes and forgo the story could have a troublesome time getting their head round Iron Harvest’s many gameplay sides. It’s easy to get irritated with the issue, notably if a participant is new to RTS titles. The drawback might be lowered inside the A.I. skirmishes and challenges on provide, nevertheless, I found the medium setting too easy and the laborious setting far too tough. I was crushed inside the latter as lots as I was dominating inside the former, and I would like the game equipped a middle ground between the two.

Our take

Iron Harvest is a robust real-time approach sport, with the developer’s ardor for the fashion seeping into the story and design. However, there are some unfortunate missteps referring to the issue that may flip off further casual RTS followers and an absence of content material materials that will flip off further seasoned players.

Is there a larger selection?

The sport is carefully impressed by Company of Heroes, which is an additional polished sport in contrast nevertheless is missing among the many further thrilling concepts identical to the steampunk mechs. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition could also be very well-liked amongst RTS players in the mean time, and offers a few of the bountiful packages inside the fashion referring to content material materials.

How prolonged will it remaining?

The advertising marketing campaign is round 15 hours prolonged, nevertheless as beforehand talked about, there’s not a ton of choice with the additional missions. Only players wishing to examine their experience with among the many elevated difficulties will uncover themselves participating in for tens of hours.

Should you buy it?

Eventually. Wait until the sports activities bundles in extra content material materials and has tweaked elements like the issue curve and unit responsiveness.


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