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It Takes Two Review: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“It Takes Two is a charming co-op adventure that combines the best ideas from Nintendo and Pixar.”


  • Charming story
  • Tight platforming
  • Varied degree design
  • Thoughtful co-op
  • Joyful interactivity

It Takes Two Review

While video games can cowl a broad vary of genres, there’s one frontier that is still largely uncharted: Romantic comedy. Co-op platformer It Takes Two exhibits simply how a lot we’ve been lacking out on due to the gaming business’s worry of cooties.

The EA-published journey is the newest undertaking by multiplayer studio Hazelight and director Josef Fares, the eclectic director behind A Way Out. Rather than meting out grim sci-fi or excessive fantasy, It Takes Two is an unabashed rom-com about the restorative energy of communication and teamwork. Imagine a 12-hour {couples} remedy session by the use of Astro’s Playroom.

It Takes Two is a labor of affection that has the coronary heart of a Pixar film and the soul of a Nintendo platformer. Even the most hardened avid gamers might discover themselves falling for the most ingenious co-op recreation since Portal 2.

Marriage story

It Takes Two doesn’t start with a standard meet-cute. Instead, it opens with a pair on the verge of divorce. Cody and May are a bickering married couple who resolve to name it quits. When they break the information to their daughter, she does what any confused baby would do in the scenario: Accidentally traps her mother and father in the physique of two tiny dolls with the assist of a magical ebook.

What follows is a vibrant journey the place the former lovebirds should work via their issues, which have bodily manifested into platforming challenges. The recreation takes full benefit of its magical realist premise to playfully rework home squabbles into intelligent online game tropes. That damaged vacuum Cody was too lazy to repair? It’s grown to be a Bowser-sized boss. The pesky wasp’s nest in the yard? The pint-sized couple has no selection however to go to warfare with them in a mini third-person shooter.

The recreation’s most direct comparability isn’t one other platformer, however Pixar’s Inside Out. Both characteristic the similar model of illustrative storytelling that makes use of cartoony set items to underscore actual experiences. Like an important Pixar film, It Takes Two boasts memorable characters, shifting emotional beats, and the occasional comedic wink that oldsters will pray their children didn’t perceive.

The recreation takes full benefit of its magical realist premise to playfully rework home squabbles into intelligent online game tropes.

The story can get narratively scattershot at instances. There are a whole lot of rapid-fire gameplay concepts occurring at each degree that doesn’t at all times sync as much as a relationship parallel. Plot threads appear to come back out of the left subject to justify shifting the recreation to a snow-themed degree or an elaborate musical set-piece. Fortunately, each new mechanic is so pleasurable that it hardly issues how efficient the recreation is as a remedy session.


Despite the cinematic comparisons, the recreation works in addition to it does due to its interactivity. Lots of romance tales inform audiences how essential teamwork is, however, It Takes Two places physicality to these life classes. The recreation can solely be performed with one other human associate, so it requires precise unity to finish. Players study to speak and construct their belief in each other alongside May and Cody.

It Takes Two

It’s a high-concept thought that’s delivered with finesse. As a platformer, the operating and leaping feels nearly as good as a Mario recreation. The puzzles are not often difficult, however, the options are ingenious sufficient to encourage satisfying eureka moments. The ranges themselves provide a continuing barrage of enjoyable concepts that by no means overstay their welcome. As quickly as gamers may discover themselves uninterested in a standard platforming puzzle, it swaps over to a mini-dungeon crawler that’s utterly completely different and simply as pleasurable.

What’s most spectacular is how a lot of thought has gone into making a co-op recreation that really cares about each gamer. May and Cody get utterly completely different instruments to play within every degree. In the opening chapter, Cody will get a set of nails that may be shot into picket partitions whereas May will get a hammerhead that she will be able to use to swing on these nails. The mechanics and utility of every merchandise are utterly completely different and provide every participant their very own distinctive expertise. There’s by no means some extent the place it looks like participant one received the “cool” merchandise and their associate is a sidekick.

What’s most spectacular is how a lot of thought has gone into making a co-op recreation that really cares about each gamer.

That’s one thing that many co-op video games actually wrestle with. Nintendo infamously neglects participant two by both making them a mechanical clone of the protagonist or a helper with restricted performance. It Takes Two is absolutely designed with each side of the cut-up display in thoughts and it at all times makes positive to alternate who will get their massive hero second.

That’s one other factor that the recreation will get proper about relationships. Both Cody and May are equally essential to the dynamic. Players must collaborate to convey the characters collectively, however they’re by no means left standing around whereas their associate has all the enjoyable. The give and take aren’t at one particular person’s expense.

‘No shiny shit’

Before the recreation’s launch, EA held a Q&A with director Josef Fares. He had one selection phrase he repeated a number of instances when requested about his strategy to recreation design: “No shiny shit.”

Fares went on one in all his signature rants towards the idea of “replayability” and emphasized that It Takes Two didn’t characteristic hole collectibles. Instead, his goal was to make an interactive world that was enjoyable to discover without arbitrary hooks.

There’s a way that Fares is simply having a blast designing each little interplay.

That philosophy is clear all through the recreation’s 9 distinct ranges. When gamers discover themselves excessive up in a tree, they’ll cease to toss a stray paper airplane. There’s no actual incentive to do it; it’s only for the love of the recreation. That’s a breath of recent air in the period of the open-world “map game” the place gamers are given repetitive guidelines of duties to finish.

It Takes Two

The closest factor the recreation has to “collectibles” are minigames scattered all through each degree. These are easy aggressive challenges like tug of warfare or snail racing that give gamers a lightweight break from the story. While they aren’t complicated side-quests, they provide a superb excuse to interrupt up the tempo and let companions blow off any potential frustration that’s brewed between tough co-op miscues.

There’s a way that Fares is simply having a blast designing each little interplay. The director is notably in love along with his personal video games and that angle is infectious. While his earlier works can really feel somewhat too self-serious, It Takes Two is a fuller illustration of each of his colorful persona and the immense ability degree over at Hazelight. He jokes (most likely) that he’ll give anybody who doesn’t love the recreation $1,000. As a lot as I’d love the cash, I’m definitely not going to ask him to pay up. He wins this guess.

Our take

It Takes Two is Hazelight and Josef Fares’ most absolutely realized imaginative and prescient of co-op gaming but. It makes use of intelligent interactivity to spotlight the significance of fine communication in video video games and relationships alike. With Nintendo-quality degree design and a captivating story to inspire its platforming motion, It’s the uncommon multiplayer recreation that may strengthen friendships somewhat than finish them.

Is there a greater variety?

No. It Takes Two is definitely the finest co-op recreation of its breed since Portal 2.

How lengthy will it final?

The journey clocks in at a surprisingly prolonged 10-12 hours. May and Cody get utterly completely different talents every degree too, which makes a second playthrough really feel very attractive.

Should I purchase it?

Yes. It’s a joyous time from beginning to end and it comes with a Friend Pass, which supplies one in all your friends a duplicate of the recreation. It’s a two-for-one deal that makes positive you’ll have somebody to play with.


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