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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Hands-On and Pikmin-Like Creatures

While Microsoft and Nintendo have dominated the gaming data cycle as a result of of sturdy E3 showings, PlayStation homeowners nonetheless have fairly a bit to sit up for in 2021. Deathloop is poised to be the PS5’s subsequent killer app, Horizon Forbidden West appears lovely, and Solar Ash seems to be like an indie fundamental inside the making. But a very powerful sport to take a look at this summer time season could merely be Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The indie title, the debut sport from Ember Lab, is a vibrant action-adventure sport that mixes whimsical creatures and surprisingly tough battle. Sony has intently spotlighted the game all through its State of Play events not too way back, and it’s easy to see why whereas taking in its engaging world.

I not too way back went hands-on with the game as half of this yr’s Tribeca Fest. Based on a one-hour demo, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a promising experience that mixes the kind of storytelling one would rely on from an animated film with some surprisingly nice gameplay mechanics.

Fighting once more

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a fairly customary action-adventure title. Players administration Kena, a youthful spirit data who helps the deceased transfer over to the other facet. It’s a third-person sport that features fixing environmental puzzles, traversing lush locations, and combating enemies with a magical staff.

Kena fights a Wood Sprout boss in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The chunk that I acquired to play threw me correct into the thick of points. Kena was deep in a vibrant, jungle-like area. She finds a masks, which elements her inside the route of a mountain. From there, I was trotting throughout the environment, in search of a path whereas stumbling on little secrets and techniques and strategies alongside the way in which through which.

Combat started straightforward ample nonetheless shortly started getting further sophisticated by way of the hour. At first, my toolset was pretty elementary. I could smack enemies with a lightweight or heavy hit, perform a dodge roll, and guard with a magical aura. It was surprisingly highly effective, too, which I didn’t rely on considering the game’s delicate paintings vogue. I acquired fully destroyed in my first battle in the direction of elementary enemies. Guarding and dodging aren’t non-obligatory proper right here.

At one stage, I leveled up by gathering ample secrets and techniques and strategies on the earth, unlocking additional talents. That’s when battle really began to open up. I added a spin assault to my arsenal, and it seems to be like there are masses further selections the deeper the game goes.

Kena drwas back her bow in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Combat really begins to click on on as quickly as Kena receives a bow, together with long-range assaults to her arsenal. By the time I hit the demo’s giant boss, I was taking photos arrows at enemies and then rushing in for a quantity of good staff thwacks, not not like a big-budget sport like Horizon Zero Dawn. That fluid mix of long-range and close-range battle affords Kena’s battle further depth than one could rely on from a sport of this scale.

Introducing the Rot

While many of its action-adventure parts are anticipated for the type (like Uncharted-style climbing segments the place Kena scales up cliffs), there’s one gorgeous mechanic that steals the current. Kena is aided by tiny creatures referred to as Rot, which are sort of similar to the soot sprites from Spirited Away. They’re tiny black creatures that adjust to Kena spherical and will likely be managed in a diffusion of strategies.

Yes, Kena: Bridge of Spirits has a complete Pikmin-like system, and it’s a delight.

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What makes the Rot work so successfully is that they’ve a goal in every exploration and battle. While touring everywhere in the world, avid gamers bump into fully totally different objects the Rot can work along with. Pressing Square sends them off to complete a job, like fixing a fox statue or recruiting one different Rot. The level-up system seems to be based totally on what quantity of Rot you’ve collected, so the game incentivizes avid gamers to find and assemble up their squad.

There are little environmental puzzles to unravel, too. At one stage, my Rot picked up an unlimited subject. I commanded them to drop it subsequent to a tall cliff so I could climb on excessive and attain the ledge. In one different half, they develop into a roaming tidal wave that I could administration with my staff. I could use them to assault some thorny vegetation inside the area, clearing a secret path for me.

Their place in battles is way more intriguing. When a fight begins, the Rot get scared and scatter. The further enemies avid gamers defeat, the additional braveness they get to return. When a spherical meter fills up, avid gamers can keep R2 and then press Square to launch the Rot at an enemy. They’ll swarm spherical it, inflicting a distraction that lets avid gamers get some free hits in.

The protagonist and a creature in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The Rot produce different makes use of, too. They will likely be launched at vegetation throughout the battlefield, which restores a participant’s properly being. They’ll moreover needs to be thrown at enemy spawning flora to destroy them. The meter have to be refilled every time the Rot are used, so avid gamers need to suppose twice about how they’re deployed in battle. Does it make further sense to position them on the assault or protect some vitality in case avid gamers uncover themselves low on properly being? That little layer of decision-making supplies some extra brainpower to Kena’s further elementary battle fundamentals.

That facet alone was ample to hold my curiosity all by my demo. I was delighted at any time once I found a surprising new use for them. Kena herself stands out as the titular hero, nonetheless the Rot are the precise stars of the current, and I’m excited to see what else my little buddies can do.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits includes PS4, PS5, and PC by manner of the Epic Games Store on August 24.


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