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Top 10 Biggest Open World Games Of The Last 3 Years

We Have Seen Some Absolutely Huge Open World Games Lately But Exactly How Big Are We Talking, Today Gaming Console Ranks Top 10 Biggest Open World Games Of The Last 3 Years. Open World Games

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

When Red Dead 2 Came Out Rockstar Boasted That It Had The Biggest Map Ever In A Rockstar Game And While That Is Not Quite The Case The GTA 5 Map Is Slightly Larger. Red Dead 2 Definitely Feels Bigger And This Is In Part Because You Travel Primarily On Horseback The Actual Speed Of Movement Is A Lot Slower Than Grand Theft Auto 5 And The Roads That You Travel Are A Lot More Winding And Complex Which Make It Harder To Get From Point A To Point B. Open World Games

On The Other Hand RDR2 Is Significantly Bigger Than The Original Red Dead Another Reason The Game Is So Big Is That It Actually Includes Sections Of The Original Game In It It’s Pretty Much Two Game Worlds Stuck Together With Only The Mexico Portion Of The Map Left Out Of The Sequel. Open World Games

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Takes Place In Five States With A Ton Of Visual Variety Between Them There’s New Austin The Area That Covers The First Chapter Of The Original Game And Is A Dusty Desert West Elizabeth That Contains The City Of Blackwater And A Lot Of Rolling Plains New Hanover Which Is A Sort Of Heartland’s Area With Green Grass And Rolling Hills Lemoyne Which Has The Biggest City In The Game And A Lot Of Working Swamps And Finally Amberino Which Has Almost All Snowy Mountains And High Hills Fast Travel Is Also Really Limited In The Game. Open World Games

So A Lot Of The Travel Can’t Be Avoided And On Top Of The Impressive Visual Variety To Each Area It Just Feels Enormous Even If It Isn’t Actually As Big As A Lot Of Other Games It’s Just A Massive Game For Sure But In Terms Of Game Size It’s Actually The Smallest On This List By A Pretty Big Margin We Are Not Saying This Game Is Small Just That Everything Else Here Is Even Bigger. Open World Games

9. Cyberpunk 2077

This Open World Game Is Between 100 And 110 Square Kilometer Or 39 To 42 Square Miles Yep For A Game That Mostly Takes Place In A Single City And Some Small Areas Outside Of It This Game Is Surprisingly Big It Is Interesting Though Because In Comparison To RDR2 It Feels Way Smaller Even If The Actual Square Miles Are Bigger Of Course A Big Part Of That Is That You Have A Car To Roll Around In Another Is That Fast Travel . Open World Games

It’s Easy To Use It’s All Over The Place And Another Is You’re Primarily Moving Around Night City And That’s About It I Mean It’s Not Like The Whole City Looks The Same There Actually Is A Lot Of Variety In Different Areas But It Doesn’t Feel As Varied As RDR2 And It Doesn’t Actually Feel Like One Of The Biggest Open Worlds In The Past Few Years Even If It Actually Is But Just Because It Doesn’t Feel Massive Doesn’t Mean There Isn’t A Lot Of Cool Stuff To See It’s Pretty Clearly Based Off Of Los Angeles And Most Of The Stuff You’d Expect To See From That City Is Here. Open World Games

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

There’s The Hollywood Hills In North Oak South Central With The Haywood Area Downtown With The City Center And Corporal Plaza Pretty Much Everything You’d Expect To See In La Is Here And There’s Some Pretty Cool Stuff Outside Of All That Too Like Rancho Coronado Which Is This Community Built Into The Flood Area Of A Massive Dam Or The Massive Junk Yard Just Outside The City Or The Columbarium The Strange Graveyard Area Health There Are Cool Places To Explore In The Center Of The City Too Like The Alaska Memorial.

That’s Right Next To The Massive Alaska Building Being An Open World Game You Play In First Person The Level Of Detail In Some Of These Areas Is Incredible At Some Less Incredible Though Still Night City Is A Pretty Cool Place To Explore And It’s One Of The Biggest Open Worlds Of The Year.Open World Games

8. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This Open World Game Is 140 Square Kilometer Or 54 Square Miles It Feels Like Assassin’s Creed Games Just Keep Getting Bigger And Bigger And Valhalla’s Map Definitely Not An Exception It’s Huge And It’s Actually Even Bigger Than It First Appears Sure You Don’t Have Access To All Of England There’s More Like A Large Chunk Of The Southeast Part Of The Island. Open World Games

But What Is There Is A Lot Because They’re Not Trying To Slam The Entire Country Onto The Map The Actual Scale Of Things Feels More Realistic Than In Past Games Though It Is Obviously Still Very Compressed Compared To The Real World What’s Wild About This Game Though Is Just How Much More Of It There Is It’s Not Just England And A Small Portion Of Norway There’s Also Two Mythical Locations To Explore With Asgard And Jotunhiem And On Top Of That There’s Finland Aka The American Continent That Is A Separate Area For You To Explore.Open World Games

Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Later In The Game It’s Huge And On Top Of Being A Beautiful Game A Lot Of The Time There Is A Decent Amount Of Visual Variety A Lot Of England Looks Relatively The Same But Compare The Clips Of Dover To The Autumn Forests Of Lincolnshire And You’ll See How Different The Areas Are At Least Trying To Be It’s Also A Game With Easy Fast Travel That Still Feels Huge Like It Would Be Big Enough Just With England But There’s Four Other Areas On Top Of That It’s Almost Excessive. Open World Games

7. Forza Horizon 4

This Game Is 134 Square Kilometer Or 52 Square Miles This Is The First Open World Racing Game On The List It Should Come As No Surprise That It’s Big It’s A Game Where The Only Thing You Do Is Drive So You’d Think There Would Be A Lot Of Roads To Drive On And There Should Be It’s Set Mostly In The English Countryside So The Game Doesn’t Have A Ton Of Visual Variety To Different Parts Of The Map But What It Does Have Is A Season System Where The Changing Conditions Can Affect The Actual Road And The Effects Are Actually Really Cool.Open World Games

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4

It’s Still Mostly An Arcade Racing Experience But Dealing With Rain Slick Roads Or Heavy Snow Can Still Significantly Affect Your Driving Ability And It’s Not All Like It’s Just Farmland Either There’s Places Like Edinburgh And The Horizon Festival Grounds To Mix Things Up On Top Of That The Game’s Just Really Good Looking In General When It Comes To Open World Racing Games It’s Not The Biggest World Out There But It’s Definitely One Of The Better Ones And To Be Frank Like Racing Games Always Have Incredible Graphics Forza Horizon 4 Does Not Break That Trend. Open World Games

6. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This Is 90.7 Square Miles We Talked About Valhalla For A Reason It’s Huge But Odyssey Still Bigger Being Set In The Entire Country Of Greece Obviously Will Do That Pretty Much Every Major City And Location Is Covered Here Athens Sparta Deebs The List Goes On There Are Massive Cities To Fertile Valleys Rocky Islands And Just About Everything You Would Think Of When You Think Of Ancient Greece And While The Entire Map Is Huge.Open World Games

There Is A Really Important Thing To Keep In Mind Here A Lot Of It Is Kind Of Just Water Taking Place Where It Does That Is To Be Expected But In Comparison To Some Of The Previous Open Worlds On This List This One Is A Lot More Empty Between The Major Hot Spots And Most Of The Sea Areas Don’t Really Have Anything Substantial In Them It Does Make The Map A Lot Bigger But It Is Not As Dense As Some Of The Other Open Worlds.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

We’ve Talked About Today Or Even Just Some Of The Other Open Worlds Period Still The Scale Is Impressive To Say The Very Least The Fact That You Can Stand On A Mountain And See All Of These Cities You Recognise From So Far Away Is Beyond Cool And Honestly It’s Probably One Of The Best Fists In A Game Period. Open World Games

5. Just Cause 4

This Open World Game Is 395.26 Miles Yeah The Biggest Open World Is Over 300 Square Miles Bigger Than The Last Just Cause Kind Of Pride Themselves On Being Huge And The Most Recent Entry Is Absolutely No Exception Sure They’re Not Nearly As Dense As Other Open World Games But With The Crazy Movement Powers You Get There’s Some Of The Most Fun Games To Just Screw Around In Getting Around In This Game Is An Absolute Cinch. Open World Games

You’ve Got Three Main Tools A Grappling Hook A Parachute And A Wingsuit Using These Three Tools In Tandem You Can Basically Be Superman So You Never Have To Touch The Ground If You Don’t Want To And You Can Zip Around The World At Lightning Speeds This Time The Events Of The Game Take Place On The Island Of Solas Which Has Four Distinct Climates There’s Jungles In The East Plains In The South Desert In The West And Massive Snowy Mountains.Open World Games

Just Cause 4
Just Cause 4

At The Center With These Areas What You See Is Basically What You Get There’s The Relatively Small Capital Area A Metric Ton Of Military Bases For You To Destroy And A Whole Lot Of Open Country Honestly It’s Pretty Empty But It’s Also Kind Of The Appeal Of These Games Just The Massive Scale And Like I Said Your Ability To Get Around So Easily Compared To Other Open World Games There Is Not A Ton To Discover It’s All About Enemy Bases And Taking In The Sights And It’s Definitely Not The Best Game On This List But It Is Fun For What It Is.Open World Games

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4. Ghost Recon Break Point

This Game Is 781 Square Miles Uh Here’s Actually An Example Of How Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better Set On The Island Of Aurora Which Funnily Enough Is Significantly Bigger Than The Entirety Of Bolivia From Grocery Gun Wild lands Which Is Only About 170 Square Miles You Do Your Special Forces Thing Against An Army Of Mercenaries Who Have Taken The Place Over Looking At The Map You Think There Wouldn’t Be Much Visual Variety And There Actually Aren’t A Ton Of Different Biomes Or Anything. Open World Games

But The Actual Locations Added A Lot Of Variety That Would Normally Be A Pretty Samey World The Fact That This Is An Island Inhabited By A Tech Company Is Really What Makes This World Stand Out There Are A Lot Of Cool Structures To Explore That Aren’t Just Run-of-the-mill Run-down Military Bases And Like Stuff That You Find In Other Open World Games And You Can See How They Put A Lot Of Work In To Make These Different Places Stand Out And The Important Thing To Mention Is That Though The Map Is Huge A Ton Of It Is Just Inaccessible Water Like A Good Chunk Has Absolutely Nothing On It.

Ghost Recon Break Point
Ghost Recon Break Point

So The Actual Size Of The Playable Area Of The Game Is A Lot Smaller Than The Map In Fact We Don’t Really Know How Big That Would Be But By Many Estimations It’s Still Bigger Than All Of Wild lands However The Game Is Still Kind Of A Mess In A Lot Of Ways And The Open World Is Still Kind Of Too Big For Its Own Good Because Really Nothing To Do In Between Each Hot Spot But If You’re An Explorer There Are Some Cool Things To See.

3. The Crew 2

This Open World Game Is Between 5000 And 7000 Square Kilometer Or 1931 To 2700 And 3 Square Miles Like Not A Surprise That This Game Would Show Up On The List The Crew 2 Is Basically An Amusement Park Version Of The United States And Considering The Us Is Pretty Dang Big Even A Significantly Shrunk Down Version Of It Is Absolutely Gigantic All The Major Landmarks Are Here From Los Angeles To New York City. Open World Games

They’ve Obviously Been Redesigned To Be More Fun To Drive Around In And That’s The Thing While The Crew 2 Is Much Bigger Than The First Game What Really Makes A Difference For The Actual Gameplay Is The Fact That They’ve Added Off-road Vehicles And Airplanes To The Mix So There’s Actually Something To Do In The Vast Wilderness Of The Country Rather Than Just Driving Past It The Funny Thing About This Game Is That While You’re Playing It You Just Kind Of Notice How Small Things Are In Comparison To The Real Thing Like You Can Be In And Out Of La In 10 Minutes In This Game.

The Crew 2
The Crew 2

You Notice How Small And Shallow The Grand Canyon Appears To The Real Thing Stuff Like That But Because The World Is So Big You Can’t Help Compare It And When You Do It Actually Feels Small Rather Than Huge And Believe Me The World From This Game Is Absolutely Huge And When It Comes To Very Big Worlds That Are Still Handcrafted The Crew 2 Has Pretty Much Everything Else Have. Open World Games

2. Atlas Open World Game

This Open World Game Is 45 000 Square Kilometer Or 17.3000 Square Miles Do You Remember Atlas Like There Was A Huge Amount Of Hype For This One Before It Quickly Died Mostly Thanks To The Awesome Trailer They Released Before Launch The Actual Game Though Has So Little In Common With The Trailer That They Showed Uh There Is One Thing We Have To Give The Developers Though. Open World Games


The Game Is Absolutely Massive Yep It’s Basically Just A Series Of Empty Islands And A Whole Lot Of Water And Most Players Don’t Even Survive Long Enough To See All The Island They Even Start On Let Alone Another One But In Terms Of Size It Is Huge Seriously This Isn’t Like Forza Or An Assassin’s Creed Game Or Anything The Map Is Huge And There Are Some Interesting Landmarks To Find And It’s Not All Just Random Jungles But For The Most Part What You’ll Be Doing This Game Is Tediously Crafting The Basics Of Survival And Not Going On An Epic Adventure To See The World. Open World Games

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

This Game Is Literally As Big As The Earth There’s Not A Lot Else To Say About It It Is Literally Based On Maps Of The Earth There Are Some Weird Things That Happen Due To The Way That It Bases Things Off Big Maps But It’s Literally Based Off Of Bing Maps It’s Huge And It’s Accurate Too. Open World Games

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator

If You Want To Fly A Plane It’s Going To Take You The Amount Of Time To Do Anything That It Actually Would There Are No Scale Concerns This Is Earth You Are Playing On Earth Our World. Open World Games

That’s All About Top 10 Biggest Open World Games Of The Last 3 Years, What Do you think about This List? Tell us Through Rating This Post. If We Missed Any Game Do Let Us Know In Comment Section Below. Thanks


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