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Top 25 Best New Action Games In 2021

We’re Ways Into 2021 But There Is A Ton Of Best Action Games To Look Forward To. Gaming Console Ranks 25 Best New Action Games In 2021.

Just As A Quick Note Before We Get Started There Are A Lot More Action Games That Are Likely Coming In Fall 2021 That Haven’t Been Announced Yet So Keep That In Mind But This Is A Pretty Extensive List. So Let’s Get Going.

Top 25 Best New Action Games In 2021

25. Samurai Warriors 5

The Latest In The Warriors Franchise This One Is A Reimagining Of The Samurai Version Of It But We’ll Retain All Of The Gameplay Flourishes We’ve All Come To Expect From This Series They’re Actually Going To Be Limiting The Scope Of The Story To A Very Very Specific Time Period The Events Leading Up To The Hanoji Incident In The Sengoku Period.

It’s Been A While Since The Samurai Warriors Game Has Come Out So It’s Good That They’re Going To Be Refreshing It And Trying Some Different Angles But Let’s Also Keep In Mind What Happened When They Tried Out An Open World With Dynasty Warriors 9 Wasn’t That Great Hopefully This Remedies That Samurai Warriors 5 Is Landing On June 24th.

24. Necromunda:Hired Gun

An Indie Fps Set In War hammer 40k’s Most Infamous Hive City Now Not Only Is It A Pretty Interesting Looking Setting With A Lot Of Different Things Like Lava Fountains And Whatnot It Also Boasts Some Pretty Intense Weapon And Augment Customisation And A Lot Of Upgrade Capabilities It Looks Like A Pretty Different Looking Game In Terms Of Genre And It’s One I’m Definitely Going To Play When It Lands On June 1st.

23. Naraka Blade Point

Which Is A 60 Player Battle Royale Which Is Based In A Lot Of Different Types Of Weapons But They’re Really Kind Of Selling It On Swords The Two Big Things Going On In This Game Are Parkour And A Grappling Hook And The Mobility That Is Capable That We’ve Seen In Various Footage Of The Game Is Definitely What Makes It Unique Now We Don’t Have A Release Date Yet But It Is A Really Promising Looking Game And We’ll Try Out Naraka Blade point When It Hits.

22. The Ascent

A Cyberpunk Action Rpg In A City Controlled By A Mega Corporation Called The Ascent Group Which Mysteriously Collapses And The City Descends Into Some Kind Of Basically Total Chaos It’s A Twin-stick Shooter That’s Played From A Top-down Perspective Which Is At Least A Novel Perspective To Take On A Cyberpunk Game Lest We Be Running The Aesthetic Into The Ground It Looks Like An Interesting Game I Think It Probably Has Its Most Potential As A Co-op But We Will See We Don’t Have A Specific Date For It But It Is Landing Sometime This Year.

21. V Rising

A Massively Multi-player Vampire Hunting And Settling Game In Which You Are Exploring And Taming A Huge Open World With The Intent On Becoming The Next Dracula Basically You’re Building A Vampire Colony That You’re Leading You Can Have Friends Along You Can Play Yourself It Looks Like An Interesting Game It’s Played From A Top Down Perspective Has Pretty Stylized Looking Graphics Lots Of Color Honestly It Could Be Really Interesting V Rising Does Not Have A Date But It Is Landing Sometime In 2021.

20. War hammer 40k Dark Tide

Which Is A New Kinda Four Player Co-op Left 4 Dead Style Game Except With The Vermin tide Melee Combat Style Which I Think Is Ultimately Going To Be A Pretty Good Combination You And Three Friends Against Hordes Of Various War hammer Enemies Choosing A Class Customising Your Skill Set And Ultimately Progressing.

Through What Could Be A Pretty Interesting Game Vermin tide 2’s Combat Is Great We Talked A Lot About That A Few Years Ago When That Came Out And Frankly I Think That It Will Drop Into This Style Game Quite Good It Doesn’t Have A Release Date Yet But We Will Definitely Be Looking Out For A War hammer 40k Darktide.

19. Scarlet Nexus

An Action Rpg Coming From Bandai Namco A Game Where The Combat Is Centred Around Melee Attacks And Also The Use Of Psychokinesis So You’re Probably Gonna Be Doing Physics Stuff During Combat Which Is Cool You Can Upgrade Those Various Abilities By Going Through A Skill Tree.

I Think It May Be Pretty Interesting To Be Throwing Around Objects At People In Combat And I Think That If It Actually Lives Up To What That Sounds Like It Could Be And Doesn’t Turn Out To Be Kind Of Just A Button Masher That Could Be A Really Interesting Play style Scarlet Nexus Is Landing On June 25th.

18. Dungeons And Dragons Dark Alliance

A Third Person Action Rpg Who Was Previously Known For Live Lock Which Is An Interesting Twin Stick Shooter It’s Set In The Ice Windale Region And Seems To Be A Straight Action Rpg Something Along The Lines Of Diablo It Is Set After The Crystal Shard In Terms Of Where It’s Placed In The Lore And It’s Dungeons And Dragons I Mean A Lot Of Great Video Games Come From That Franchise It’s Landing On June 22nd.

17. Tales Of A Rise

The Latest Rpg In The Tales Series It’s Probably Going To Build On Everything You Know About The Previous Game That’s Basically How This Series Of Games Is Going But It’s Always Been Very Good Too I’m Not Saying That To Say Like Oh It’s Just Another Tales Game They Pretty Much Knock It Out Of The Park Every Time They’ve Developed On Top Of The Linear Motion Battle System And Frankly The Graphics To This One Look Absolutely Beautiful They’ve Really Outdone Themselves.

16. Atomic Heart

Which Is Kind Of Looking Like A Soviet Bioshock It Does Build On Some Of The More Action Rpg Oriented Elements Though In That There’s A Crafting System There’s Various Upgrades And It Seems Like It Really Leans Into That Aspect But Also You Can Definitely See The Bioshock Formula It’s Interesting Because You Can Kind Of See These Weird Makeshift Weapons As Well As These Techno-organic Powers.

It’s Also A Really Cool Setting It’s Alternate Reality 1955 USSR And You Play A Mentally Unstable Kgb Agent Investigating A Manufacturing Facility We Do Not Have A Date For Atomic Heart Yet But This Is One That I Am Extremely Interested In And Will Have To Play It’s Landing Sometime Later In The Year.

15. Back For Blood

A New Left 4 Dead Style Game From The Original Creators Of Left 4 Dead It’s Basically What Happens When Turtle Rocked The Developers Of The Original Game Split From Valve And Is Over Time Re-established Itself As An Independent Studio It There’s Not A Lot To Say About This Other Than It’s A New Left For Dead Game Which Is Something That Everybody’s Wanted For A Really Long Time It’s Not Called Left 4 Dead But You Know What It Is I Will Be Playing It You’ll Be Playing It It’ll Be Lots Of Fun It’s Landing On October 12th Look Out For It.

14. Evil West

A Solo Or Co-op Third-person Shooter In Which You’ll Be Fighting Vampire Monsters In The Old West And Why Wouldn’t You Now You Probably Remember The Trailer To This Game It’s A Really Slick Cool Looking Look At How Badass This Cowboy Is Shooting All These Vampires Type Action Sequence.

But It Doesn’t Really Show Exactly What We’re Getting With The Game The Developers Uh Characterize The Combat As Stylized Lightning Paced And Gory And The Game Itself Is A Story Driven Campaign I Think It Has Potential I Want To See How It Plays We Don’t Have A Date Yet But The Potential Is There.

13. Chivalry 2

A First Person Slasher Meant For Multiplayer Chivalry 2 Is A Game That Brings Us Back To What Is A Fantastic Multiplayer Hack And Slash Brawling Type Mediveal Chaos-a-thon I Don’t Want To Get Too Far Into Detailing How The Original Game Was Because It’s A Beloved Game A Lot Of People Know It’s Multiplayer Hack And Slash Medieval Stuff And For All Intents And Purposes This Is That Plus A Lot More Customisation Options And Way Better Graphics Chivalry 2 Is Landing On June 8th.

12. Death Loop

The Latest Game From Arcane Studios Which Looks Very Much Like A Faster Pace Building On The Ideas That We Saw In The Dishonored Series Which Is Based In A More Futuristic Setting In Which You An Assassin Are Living Through A Death Loop Where You’re Fighting Against Another Assassin As Well As Performing Various Dishonored Style Assassination Missions Given It Doesn’t Look Like We’re Getting Another Dishonored At Least For A While.

This Is Basically What I Want To See Out Of Arcane It Also Has A Great Aesthetic Sort Of Looking Like A 70s Exploitation Movie It Looks I Think It Brings Enough Unique Stuff To The Table Without Being Just A Total Rehash Of Dishonored While Appealing To Somebody Who Would Want To Play More Dishonored I’m Excited For The Game It Comes Out On September 14th.

11. Far Cry 6

The Game Is Set On A Fictional Caribbean Island Dictatorship Based On Cuba Which Is Something We Should All Interrogate It’s Apparently Going To Be The Biggest Far Cry Open World That They’ve Created Which Is Good And The Game’s Been In Development For Four Years.

So It Might Actually Be A Little More Interesting Than The Previous Far Cry Because They Were Really Churning Them Out There For A Little While We All Basically Know What To Expect From These Games So I Hope That They’re Able To Build On It In A Way That Is Not Just Iterative But Brings Something New To The Table And That’s Going To Be Hitting Sometime Later In The Year.

10. Bright Memory Infinite

A New Action Fps Where You’re Combining A Lot Of Skills And Abilities As Well As Shooting In A Futuristic Metropolis In Which Two Worlds Are Dimensionally Connected And You Have To Basically Cut Through All Of It What We’ve Seen In The Game Is A Lot Of Different Traversal Options It’s Very Fast-paced.

You’re Going To Be Using A Combination Of Guns And Swords And You’re Going To Be Seeing A Combination Of City And Like Rural Japanese Countryside It’s A Really Interesting Looking Game With The Female Protagonist That We Don’t Have A Release Date For Just Yet But It’s Definitely An Interesting Looking One.

9. Severed Steel

A Fast-paced Fluid Stunt-based Single-player Fps With Destructible Environments Bullet Time And Frankly In Every Possible Way Looks Very Unique In Some Ways It Reminds Me Of John Wick But In Others Like The Environmental Destruction Brings In A Totally Different Element This Is A Hugely Stylized Looking Game And Frankly One That Looks Like It Could Take Up A Ton Of Your Time Just Doing Stunt Runs We Don’t Have A Specific Date For It But It Is Coming Sometime In 2021 Severed Steel Looks Very Good.

8. Monster Hunter Rise

Which Is A Slightly Different Take On The Monster Hunter World Formula Which Builds On A Sort Of Verticality That Wasn’t Necessarily Present And Introduces A Lot Of Moves That Do That Specifically Another Primary Difference Between Rise And World Is That Rise Runs On The Resident Evil Engine And For All Intents And Purposes I Think Might Be A More Interesting Game Than World.

It’s The Graphics Are A Little Bit Pared Down From Monster Hunter World Because It’s A Switch Game But I Did Find Myself Enjoying It A Little Bit More So Than World It Came Out Back In March And It’s It’s A Really Good Game You Should Check It Out.

7. No More Heroes 3

A Action Adventure Hack And Slash Satirical Goofy Comic Book Type Game That Continues The Mainline No More Heroes Series If You’re Familiar This One Takes Place Nine Years After No More Heroes Two And Two Years After Travis Strikes Again And This Is Actually The First Open World Version Of This Series Since The First Game No More Heroes 3 Is Hitting The Nintendo Switch On August 27th.

6. Dying Light 2

A Game That Got Delayed A While Back And Has Always Been Interesting Looking Because They’ve Attempted Such A Different Narrative Structure Where The Choices Are Supposedly Going To Have A Huge Effect On What’s Available What You Can Do What Path You Have To Take Etc But Also Improves Upon The Parkour And Enemies Of The Original Dying Light.

It’s Kind Of One We’ve Talked About For A While And If The Promises That They’ve Put Out Regarding This Game Turn Out To Work If That’s What We Get Then It’s Going To Be A Great Game It’s Really A Matter Of If It Lives Up To The Hype We Do Not Have A Date For It Yet But Supposedly We’re Seeing It This Year.

5. Bio Mutant

An Open World Game With Some Hack And Slash And Exploration Elements That Has You Creating A Little Mutant Critter Where All Of Your Physical Appearance Changes Actually Change The Abilities And Statistics Of The Little Critter This Is Also A Game That We’ve Talked About For A Really Long Time.

It’s Been Continually Delayed And It’s Always Looked Like It Has A Lot Of Promise But Then When It Gets Near Release Time They Always Delay It Again It Is Landing This Month Actually May 25th So It Seems Like It’s Really Happening Because It’s Pretty Close To That Date To Go Back On It So Let’s Cross Our Fingers.

4. The Day Before

A Game We Talked About In Its Own Video Not Long Ago It’s This Game That Looks Kind Of Like Something Between The Division And Last Of Us Mashed Up It’s Interesting Because The World Itself Is Actually Very Rich In Detail Lots Of Different Stuff There’s Also Online Pvp And Co-op In A Lot Of Ways.

It Could Be A Really Interesting Game Because A Lot Of The Combat Looks Derived From Last Of Us As Opposed To The Division So Setting It In A Kind Of Division Like Setting Is It’s Interesting It Looks Like It Might Be Something Different We Don’t Have A Date For That But It Is Coming Soon.

3. Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart

Which Not Only Looks Like A Great New Entry To Ratchet And Clank But Also Serves As A Huge Tech Demo For The Playstation 5 And Its Ssd The Quick Loading Allows For Some Amazing Teleportation Stuff But It Looks Like Aside From That Just A Solid Entry In The Game After The Remake Of The Original Ratchet And Clank They Had To Up The Ante Obviously It’s A Very Good Looking Version Of The Game And They Have Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart Is Coming On June 11th.

2. Halo Infinite

The Must-have Killer App For The New Xbox Halo Infinite Follows The Story Of Master Chief After Halo 5 Guardians And It’s Been Delayed A Bit So I’m Personally Getting Ready For It It Seems Like A Lot Of What They’re Trying To Do Is Evoke Halo 2 And 3 In Terms Of Design It’s A New Halo Game Most People Are Excited For A New Halo Game Right It Is Going To Be Landing Sometime In The Second Half Of The Year Hopefully Sooner Rather Than Later But I Would Expect Holidays.

1. Horizon Forbidden West Zero Dawn

Is Such A Good Open World Game And Everything About Forbidden West Just Looks Like A Huge Upping Of The Ante We See Stuff Like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge Like In A State Of Decay Because This Stuff Happens So Far Into The Future People Don’t Have Any Idea What It Even Is And That’s Cool Also Still Fighting Robot Dinosaurs That’s Kind Of What Lures You Into Horizon Anyways.

So Yeah The Story Is Apparently Finding Out More About The Old World And Your Character Is Lineage Everything About It Looks Amazing It Is Landing Sometime Later In The Year I Would Also Again Expect Holidays For This It’s Probably Going To Be A System Seller.

Couple Of Bonus Games For You.

1. Glitch Punk

A Top-down Brawler And Shooter Which In Terms Of Aesthetic It Definitely Lives Up To Its Name Looks Kind Of Like Grand Theft Auto Looks A Little Bit More Combat Oriented Though.

2. Next Is Boomerang X

A Weapon Oriented Very Significantly Around Traversal It Works Basically Like A Grappling Hook It’s A Very Cartoony Looking Game But A Very Cool Looking Game Great Action That’s Got A Demo If You’re Interested In Trying It

3. Near Replicant Version 1.22474487139

Yes That’s The Actual Name Of The Game It Is A Remake Of The Original Near They Updated The Combat To Be More Like Near Automatas And It Is Great It Looks Significantly Nicer And It’s A Very Interesting Story That Sort Of Subverts A Lot Of Expectations.

4. Trapang 2

Which Is Kind Of A Fear Like Game We Never Really Got A Fear Sequel But It Is Oriented Towards That Type Of Gameplay Where You Have A Lot Of Bullet Time Fighting There Is A Demo That Is Currently Out If You’re Interested In Trying That They Don’t Have A Date But Supposedly It’s Landing This Year.

5. Hunt Down

A Side-scrolling Arcade Shooter Very Much Like The Games Of Yesteryear It Does Bring A Lot To The Gameplay That You May Not Have Expected Though And The Graphics Are Phenomenal.


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