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Top 10 Best Upcoming Switch Games 2021 And Beyond

Here Are Gaming Console Upcoming Switch Games 2021 And Beyond. The Nintendo Switch Remains As A Go-to Console For Casual Gaming But Lately The New Games Dropping Out Soon Demand More Than Just Simple Gaming Experiences. Upcoming switch games 2021

1. Bravely Default 2 [Exclusive, JRPG · $59.99]

Square Enix Continues To Support Their Captivating Rpg With This Latest Installment Of Their Beloved Fantasy Series That’s Not Final Fantasy As Usual Square’s Love For Head Scratching Naming Schemes Live On With This Third Major Entry. Upcoming switch games 2021

upcoming switch games 2021
Bravely Default 2

The Brave And Default Tactics Make Their Much Needed Return And It Comes With A Few Improvements Fans Will Appreciate For Newer Players There’s A Steep Learning Curve Here. But For Veterans Or Anyone With A Master’s Degree In Classic Jrpgs Will Find Themselves In An Adventure With Enough Challenges Surprises And So Much More Once It Releases This 26th Of February Try The Demo Out If You Want To Know More. Upcoming switch games 2021

2. Monster Hunter Rise [Exclusive,Action,RPG, Co-op · $59.99]

The Hunt Continues And It Comes With New Gear To Take Out Monsters With Style Ryze Is The Switch’s First Original Mh Title Built Exclusively For Their Machine. Yep Now We Can Finally Coop Up In Our Friend’s Place And Hunt Elder Dragons All Night The Addition Of The Wire Bug And Increased Verticality Brings More Room For Experimentation On The Table. Upcoming switch games 2021

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise

The Weapons Aren’t Far From Its Image World Counterpart But The Addition Of New Monsters And A Stunning Open World Locale Is Enough To Lure Hardcore Fans Of The Series Into This Fresh Adventure. The Game Is Up For Pre-orders And A Demo Is Available To Play Co-op Or Alone Ryze Rises This March 26th.

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3. Shin Megami Tensei 5 [Exclusive, JRPG]

Step Aside Persona Fans The Original Smt Game Gets The Sequel. It Finally Deserves In Five We Are Once Again Caught Between Humanity’s Perpetual Struggle For Morality Abusing Demons And Forcing High School Students To Kill A God Are Just A Few Of The Outlandish Philosophical Concepts Atlas Has To Offer In This Fantastic Jrpg. Upcoming switch games 2021

Shin Megami Tensei 5
Shin Megami Tensei 5

However The Game’s Main Story New Mechanics Are Still A Mystery As Of Now The Trailer Did Give Us A Taste Of What To Expect It’s Slated To Come Out Early This Year Maybe We’ll See Some More Information Soon. Upcoming switch games 2021

4. New Pokemon Snap [Simulation · $59.99]

Nintendo Is Cooking Up A Lot Of Content This Year This Familiar Pokemon Entry Takes Capturing Monsters To A New Level. This Is An Upgrade To Its N64 Roots Instead Of Throwing Our Balls At Poor Pocket Monsters Snap Introduces A More Peaceful Way To Appreciate.

New Pokemon Snap
New Pokemon Snap

The Creatures Photography Explore A Brand New Region Filled With Hundreds Of Pokemon Each For Their Unique Habitat. It’s Like Pokemon Go But This Time We Don’t Have To Go Outside So Bring Out Your Inner Naturalist When The Game Comes Out On April 30th. Upcoming switch games 2021

5. Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings Of Ruin [Exclusive,Action,RPG, Co-op]

Capcom Is Also Taking Inspiration From Pokemon’s Success With More Complex Organisms Within The Mh Universe Fans Of Mh Stories Know That This Isn’t The Usual Monster Hunting We Do In The Original Series. This Spin-off Has Always Been Light-hearted And Full Of Cute Things To Do Instead Of Killing Them And Carving Their Body Parts For Weapons Befriending These Unique Monsters Is The Game’s Central Theme.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings Of Ruin
Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings Of Ruin

There Will Be A Few Battles Here And There But This Sequel Is Definitely Targeted To Their Young Audiences. It’s Aiming For A Q3 2021 Release Date So Maybe We’ll Hear More Info About This Game Once Ryze Comes Out Apparently. Upcoming switch games 2021

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6. No More Heroes 3 [Exclusive,Action, Adventure, Hack And Slash]

Travis Touchdown May Only Be Just A Me Fighter In Smash Brothers But He’s Getting His Own Game Sometime This Year. It Was Initially Scheduled For A 2020 Release But It Was Delayed To This Year Due To The Pandemic This Third Mainline Entry Will Take Travis On A New Journey With More Science Fiction Shenanigans Expect A Refined Hack And Slash Combat. Upcoming switch games 2021

No More Heroes 3
No More Heroes 3

This Time Around Especially With The Switch’s Handful Of Technological Gimmicks If You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This Latest Chapter The First Two Games Are Available For You To Play On The Platform.

7. Rune Factory 5 [Exclusive, JRPG, Simulation · $59.99]

Amnesia Has Never Been More Therapeutic And Life-changing Than A Nintendo’s Rune Factory Series. The Trope Survives In This Newest Rune Factory Title For The Nintendo Switch Fans Of The Harvest Moon Series Will Find The Spin-off Much More Challenging.

Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 5

Since It Involves More Than Just Farming Expect Fast-paced Hack And Slash Combat Fishing And A Quest To Find Your One True Soulmate. There’s Not Much Information Available Yet Since The Game’s Development Was Also Hampered By The Pandemic However The 2021 Release Window Remains Unchanged. Upcoming switch games 2021

8.The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild 2 [Exclusive,Action, Open-world]

One Of The Biggest Upcoming Nintendo Switch Exclusives This Might Rack Up All The Game Of The Year Awards When It Releases This Year Or Early 2022 If You Loved Breath Of The Wild Or Its Unlikely Twin Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact. Upcoming switch games 2021

The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild 2
The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild 2

The Sequel Is Just Brimming With Ambitious Features That You And Us Aren’t Ready For Unfortunately Though Just Like The Rest Of These Titles Details Are Scarce The Only Thing We Have Are Unreliable Media Rumors And A Cryptic Teaser Trailer That Only Gives Us More Questions Than Answers.

9. Metroid Prime 4 [TBA ·Action, Adventure]

Samus Aran Will Make Her Grand Comeback After A Long Long Time With Such Scant Details Who Knows What Lies In Store In Her Adventures This Time Knowing Nintendo We Expect Some Game Changing Mechanics That Will Maximize The Switch’s Features We Are Pretty Much Scavenging Every Little Info.

Metroid Prime 4
Metroid Prime 4

We Can Find About Four But Alas The Game Isn’t Slated To Come Out Until At Least 2023. It Will Be An Agonizing Wait So For Now We Just Have To Return To Her Old Games And Enjoy The Science Fiction Goodness The Series Has To Offer Or Remain Her In Smash.

10. Bayonetta 3 [TBA ·Action, Hack And Slash · $59.99]

Speaking Of Female Leads, Let’s Not Forget About This Other Upcoming Switch Exclusives That Have Fans Dying To Play Since Its Second Outing In 2014 Is It Me Or Is It Getting Hotter In Here Bayonetta Will Make Her Much Awaited Return To Show Her Enemies What A Femme Fatale Is.

Bayonetta 3
Bayonetta 3

However It’s Still In Development Stages And Sources Are Mum About What To Expect One Thing’s For Sure This New Chapter Will Stick To Its Biblical Themes And It’s Unforgettably Stylish Hack And Slash Combat.

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