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Watch Dogs: Legion Review: The Reasons To Skip It Are Legion

Story Highlights
  • "While Ubisoft presents its best open world to date, the main gameplay hook falls flat.”
watch dogs legion review fly drone

Watch Dogs: Legion Review: The Reasons To Skip It Are Legion

  • Fantastic open world
  • Enjoyable battle
  • Fun new traversal decisions


  • The recruitment hook wouldn’t work
  • The story is a complete mess
  • Too simple, even at its most powerful
  • PC mannequin crashed ceaselessly

Ubisoft needs its core gameplay hook, the ability to recruit anyone inside the open world, to be the issue that makes you play Watch Dogs: Legion. Unfortunately, the mechanic wears out its welcome shortly. The further time I spent with the game, the a lot much less spectacular it turned, and the system’s powerful edges turned clear.

The precise goal you’ll stick with Watch Dogs: Legion is its extraordinarily vibrant London, among the many most interesting open worlds I’ve explored in an internet recreation. But purchaser beware. The PC mannequin of the title is affected by factors, making the console experience the preferable choice.

Well, that’s a story

Watch Dogs: Legion opens with assaults on key London landmarks which may be pinned on the hacker group DeadSec. This pushes city authorities at hand administration over to a personal navy firm known as Albion. As the game unfolds, the participant will uncover the thriller behind Zero Day, the exact perpetrators of the bombings, and the way in which the villainous factions of London tie into them.

Watch Dogs Albion

Watch Dogs has always skirted throughout the perimeters of actuality with its commentary on surveillance, nonetheless, Legion dives inside the deep end by together with a healthful dollop of oppressive policing. The franchise’s closing sport, Watch Dogs 2, was launched throughout the time of the ultimate U.S. presidential election, an event that has constantly reshaped not solely my personal politics nonetheless the state of the world, on a near-daily basis. The yr 2020, as, has been tons.

I hoped Legion would uncover one factor attention-grabbing to say, nonetheless, issues that must be approached with a scalpel are as a substitute tackled with a sledgehammer. The sport has no tact and is not refined, but it surely insists on skirting round hot-button factors with the lighthearted nature that made Watch Dogs 2 normal. It doesn’t work.

Watch Dogs Legion Mary Kelley

As Bagley, the A.I. companion that accompanies your operatives on missions, cracks jokes, you’re pressured to take photographs of organ harvested corpses found within the midst of a sports activities actions stadium that has been remodeled proper into a spotlight camp. In one mission, you’re required to navigate a spider robotic by way of a mansion, solely to look out refugees saved as slaves, and when one begs to be freed, they’re as a substitute executed in entrance of the other captives.

Yeah. It will get darkish. Yet the game in no way acknowledges the horrifying situations it portrays, which left me actually really feel uneasy concerning the full state of the online game’s story. Legion needs to get extreme, nonetheless, it moreover needs to be silly, and it needs to essentially really feel associated. The sport fails to make these ideas solidify right into a clever story and even theme.

The recruit anyone mechanic misses the mark

Legion lets you stroll as a lot as any London civilian and recruit them as a part of DeadSec. The thought at first feels novel, nonetheless, it fails to justify its existence, and the scarcity of a principal character turns into a problem as the game progresses.

After collaborating within the prologue mission, which begins off with a preset operative, the game gives a collection of 15 utterly completely different randomly generated characters to pick from. You are supplied their id, their occupation, a single sentence on their background, and what system or means they arrive with. My choice was Marcel, a repairman with a wrench that supplied further melee hurt.

From the soar, you’re able to technique (almost) anyone on the street and recruits them to the set off. I say virtually anyone because of spherical 75% of the civilians actually had the “start recruitment” pop-up appear over their head at any given time. I’m unsure if this was a bug, or if the game will solely assist you to recruit a certain quantity of characters directly. Still, it’s adequate for people who I didn’t actually really feel Ubisoft had falsely marketed the mechanic.

Watch Dogs Legion Recruitment

You can vet recruits by inspecting the similar information confirmed via the primary recruitment post-prologue: Name, occupation, background, and expertise. Depending on their feelings in the direction of DeadSec, you’ll want to end a aspect quest of the assorted concern to make sure that them to affix. Once they do, you might swap between operatives at any time.

The advertising and marketing marketing campaign will sometimes course of you with recruiting a specific operative for a mission. You’ll desire a improvement worker to enter a worksite undetected, for example. The sport may even mark the map with recruits that carry further distinctive talents to the desk.

The majority of operatives play the similar.

While swapping characters is novel at first, you’ll shortly discover it’s too shallow. London’s civilians are randomized, nonetheless, choice seems restricted. I often bumped into of us with similar haircuts or beards due to the character I was collaborating in. I even ran proper right into a recruit that had the similar face as Marcel, though with darker pores and pores and skin tone. The randomized seen and vocal match-ups indicate characters don’t always have a voice that’s sensible.

Worse, almost all of the operatives play identically. There are some exceptions. My spy character had a handful of additional battle animations than the rest of my crew, and the ability to spawn an Aston Martin car with rockets and cloaking. Most of the time. however, I could have swapped out any of my recruits for yet one more, and it wouldn’t have made loads of distinction.

My improvement worker might title in a cargo drone to clamber on excessive of and fly throughout the metropolis, nonetheless, there have been adequate of them zipping by way of the sky because it’s. I moreover let free a abdomen snigger when one operative — an aged woman — executed a flying spin kick to incapacitate a carefully armored Albion guard.

Watch Dogs Legion Team

As you unlock further hacking and battle upgrades in your crew, the variations between your recruits solely diminish. It’s arduous to consider the game would play in any other case if it had solely a single protagonist.

I could have swapped out any of my recruits for yet one more, and it wouldn’t make a distinction.

However, having a principal character, or a lot of protagonists, would have served the story tons increased. We might have associated with them in a signifies that’s inconceivable with the random recruits, and a message previous “fascism is bad” might have been gleaned from the story.

The sport tries to anchor you with its aspect characters, along with the often amusing A.I. Bagley, nonetheless, they’re poor substitutes for a relentless principal character.

London is the precise star

I’m disenchanted with Legion’s story and surprisingly skinny operative mechanic. Neither stands out. However, when you occur to easily search to soar proper right into a Ubisoft-style sandbox, Watch Dogs: Legion is the company’s most interesting effort so far.

Legion’s mannequin of London is a delight to find, considerably for any individual (like me!) who grew up in England. You can run into completely different operatives that you simply simply Have recruited whereas exploring, and select members of most of the people who may be highlighted within the occasion that they’re indirectly related to a recruit. While I’m lukewarm on the whole “recruit anyone” mechanic, I appreciated this contact.

If you’re merely searching for to soar proper right into a Ubisoft sandbox, Watch Dogs: Legion is the company’s most interesting effort so far.

With ray tracing on, the reflections in puddles, or inside the aspect of a double-decker bus, actually launched a texture to the world that I had in no way sooner than expert in a sport. It’s in cases soiled, shiny, and homey, counting on what a part of town you’re in.

Watch Dogs Legion Multipalyer

The cargo drones that assist you to fly throughout the metropolis carry a model new stage of verticality to the game, together with new strategies to enter a restricted area. It’s a welcome addition, as entering into restricted areas is 90% of Watch Dogs’ gameplay. That said, using a cargo drone was sometimes like collaborating within the sport on simple mode, as a result of the server or completely different purpose I wanted to enter was often positioned on a roof.

The sport is made a lot simpler by moronic enemy A.I. The metropolis is affected by Albion drones and guards, and however I was able to set off a horrible lot of mayhem with no peep from the fuzz. And as soon as they did catch me inside the act? Ducking behind a nook or two in a short while turned their consciousness meter from assault crimson to befuddled white, and inside 30 seconds, the chatter of giving up the chase would come by way of on the radio with little effort on my half.

The arduous mode doesn’t make them any smarter, merely further deadly. There’s moreover a permadeath mode the place if an operative dies, they’re gone for good. Even with all this turned on, the game in no way felt tough.

PC effectivity is a matter

My means to take pleasure in Legion was moreover soured by very important effectivity factors on PC. I examined the game on my new LG CX OLED television. Running it at 4K on extreme settings with ray tracing turned on, the game ran at an enchanting 60 frames per second (fps). However, it would inevitably crash, whether or not or not a few minutes into the game or a half-hour. I was knowledgeable by a Ubisoft marketing consultant to confirm I had most likely essentially the most up-to-date GeForce drivers and to check the spec requirements of the game.

I did definitely have the most recent drivers put in, which I reinstalled for the safety measure. While I didn’t have the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card that the settings I was attempting to run it at requested for, even most likely essentially the most demanding of video video games I’ve carried out earlier to Watch Dogs: Legion ran with out factors at even bigger settings and higher physique expenses. Besides, the problem wasn’t a poor frequent physique cost. I’d take pleasure in a relentless 60 fps, after which the game would crash, forcing me to restart.

I in the end decreased the choice to 1800p, which appeared to help, nonetheless, this is not common habits for a sport. Worst of all, I was working the game with its day one patch. A hotfix for consoles is dropping October 30, whereas an additional sturdy second patch to squash effectivity factors may be coming November 9. Hopefully, that will take care of the problem.

Our ideas

Watch Dogs: Legion is Ubisoft’s most formidable entry inside the assortment however, and whereas it doesn’t disappoint like the first Watch Dogs, it feels aimless. Exploring London is an efficient time, nonetheless, the game is not tough, and the story makes little or no sense.

Is there a better selection?

Yes. Watch Dogs 2 stays to be the proper the gathering has to produce. For these in quest of a more moderen sport, possibly await Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which is being launched a mere week or so after the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion.

How prolonged will it closing?

Like any open-world Ubisoft sport, you’ll have a great deal of aspect quests to type out. With goals tied to recruiting new members, that’s taken one different step further. The advertising and marketing marketing campaign will take about 20 hours when you occur to stay with the first story, however.

Should you buy it?

No. Legion’s recruitment hook doesn’t ship, and effectivity points make this a skip for PC gamers.


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